Green Prairie Community

In the Fall of 2013, the first group of residents moved into the Green Prairie Community. The contemporary residence hall is the first to be built on campus since 1971 and was designed to meet Minnesota B3 sustainability guidelines, receiving a prestigious LEED Green Building Certification in 2014. Able to house 72 students, the two-story hall offers suite-style housing, with four-person suites (with single and double occupancy rooms), four floor lounges and kitchenettes, a central lounge, patio, and study space.

Because of the small size, Green Prairie Community is also utilized for summer housing for students, researchers, conference/event participants, and citizens engaging in Morris green initiatives.

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Green Initiatives

One of the unique traits of this residence hall is that it is designed for students who are interested in live sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles. Here are just some of the environmentally friendly designs of the Green Prairie Community:

  • Sited to maximize green design potential and connection to the prairie ecosystem.
  • Constructed with high thermal mass insulated concrete forms (ICF) to prevent winter heat loss and summer heat gain.
  • Designed with daylight views in all residential and public spaces.
  • On site orchard, edible landscapes, and gardens.
  • Abundant bike racks.
  • Interior finishes support healthy air quality (i.e. Low VOC paints, coatings, and carpet).
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures to conserve water.
  • Enhanced building systems commissioning will ensure measure energy use and ensure optimal systems function
  • Green Prairie programs including a green education program, community meals with foods from onsite gardens and other local sustainable sources, and more.