A Community that Cares

At UMN Morris, you’ll find a culture of caring and support throughout the entire campus. From the staff to the faculty to the chancellor, everyone is willing to help with anything you need. UMN Morris truly is a community that cares—on campus and off. 

On campus, you’ll be part of a close-knit community that supports your intellectual growth, as well as your personal wellbeing. From academics and student life to mental and physical health, you’ll have access to many student programs and support services. In addition, you’ll have multiple opportunities to learn from and network with alumni.

Off campus, you’ll be able to connect with the broader community through various partnerships and programs with local residents and businesses. In fact, our Clifford J. Benson Center for Community Partnerships is dedicated to creating and maintaining these connections in many different ways. You can be trained to teach ESL classes to local immigrants, lead classes in a bilingual youth program, take a class that includes a community project, do research to help a nonprofit develop its strategic plan, or serve as a member of the board of directors of a local organization.

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At UMN Morris, we believe that living and learning within a community that cares is vital to your success at college.

students engaged in local community each year
of grads have held a leadership role in a student group
Morris population