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  • A young woman in track starting blocks, in lens, with "Is Morris the M for YOU?" overlaid
    University of Minnesota Morris banner on a lightpole in front of Behmler Hall, a brick craftsman-style building.

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    Barrier-breaking. Career-ready. Serious about sustainability. Is Morris the U of M for you?

What's Going On?

Janet Ericksen

Janet Schrunk Ericksen Named Acting Chancellor of the University of Minnesota Morris

Ericksen will focus her efforts as acting chancellor on continuing to make the Morris campus a vibrant center for liberal arts education, engaged with the region, state, nation, and world.

Archie, the campus therapy dog, says hello!

Archie, the campus therapy dog, a tan and white curly-coated pupper, with a grumpy old-man face, sits obediently on the campus mall.
Two students smile at each other on a sunny fall evening on the campus mall.

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A campus visit is a great opportunity to experience UMN Morris. Choose from in-person or virtual visit options!

Close up of solar panels reflecting the sky and trees

Green Chemistry Track Offered at UMN Morris

The University of Minnesota Morris’s commitment to provide a renewable, sustainable education continues to expand with a new green and sustainable track for chemistry majors.

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