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While many theories point to the correlation between student engagement and success, at Morris, we have the numbers to prove that such a relationship exists. Ongoing efforts at Morris delving into students’ retention, persistence, and academic standing have found that students who are engaged in at least one student organization are retained at higher rates than students who were not engaged in a student organization. Similarly, students who are involved in student organizations maintain higher GPAs than students who are not involved.

Further, longitudinal studies at Morris have found that students who hold a leadership position in at least one student organization maintain higher GPAs than those who are just members of an organization. Even event attendance correlates with academic success and retention. Students who attend events on campus regularly are shown to have stronger GPAs and are more likely to remain in college. Although we cannot claim that student engagement is the cause of student success at Morris, we can say that student success and student engagement are closely related. We invite you to explore opportunities, create experiences, and build connections to find your community on campus.

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With around 100 student organizations and all of Morris’s offices and disciplines hosting more than 500 events per year, there is always something to do here. Join us from Welcome Week to Graduation and everything in between.

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Campus Activities Council

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The Campus Activities Committee (CAC) is a student organization that provides educational, cultural, social, and recreational programming for the campus community. CAC encourages the development of leadership skills as students initiate, plan, develop, and participate in an activities program that is sensitive to the diverse needs of the Morris community. CAC facilitates various events such as concerts, convocations, films, homecoming & traditions, and the performing arts series.

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Intramural participation is an important element of student life at the University of Minnesota, Morris. We provide a year-round series of recreational programs and activities for Morris students, faculty, and staff. All members of the Morris Campus community are encouraged to seek out and experience the health, fitness, and enjoyable recreational activities available at both the competitive and recreational levels of play. Intramural sports are intended to provide healthful exercise, promote leisure education, enrich social competence, develop group loyalty, and promote higher academic achievement. The goal is an activity for everyone and everyone in an activity.

Intramurals at UMN Morris

Events on campus

Check out a full listing of events on campus, and don’t miss the weekly bulletin of events delivered to your email inbox on Tuesdays.  

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Welcome Week

Beginning your college experience can be challenging and scary.  We are here to make your transition easier and help you get the footing you need to succeed.  

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The culmination of your academic experience is worth celebrating!

Commencement at UMN Morris