Research and Creative Activity

As a student at UMN Morris, you’ll have opportunities beyond the classroom to expand your knowledge through scholarly research or creative activity. Common reasons to pursue research or creative opportunities are to

  • prepare for graduate school,
  • gain hands-on experience for your future career,
  • earn money,
  • network with others who share your interests, or
  • travel.

If you decide to conduct research or engage in a creative activity, simply talk to your professor, academic adviser, or the on-campus Academic Center for Enrichment about your research goals and what opportunities are available. Together, you’ll be able to make a plan and get started.

Explore current opportunities

Faculty member conducting an experiment with a student using microscopes

What Is Research?

Research is primarily conducted to enhance knowledge and understanding in a variety of fields. Research can be conducted through experimentation or observation and results in a product of the researcher's understanding. Research can be done in a variety of fields—from science and math to social science and the humanities. If you are able to take part in a research project, you’ll be able to systematically investigate a subject of interest, interpret data, and share the findings.



Students performing on a theatre stage

What Is Creative Activity?

Creative activity is a scholarly method for investigating human expression. Of particular interest at UMN Morris are creative activities that communicate to a wide audience and stimulate the mind and emotions. This is often the research method of choice for students in the arts, music, and dance. 

Learn More

Through the Academic Center for Enrichment, several programs make undergraduate research possible for you as a UMN Morris student.

Paid summer research programs are also available. There may also be opportunities to travel to conferences or symposiums and present your research or creative activity. Funding sources can help pay for travel expenses. Before doing your undergraduate research, you may want to refer to some modest and practical advice for undergraduate researchers.

Past Involvements

Take a look at what other UMN Morris students have done.

The National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) is one of the most prestigious national conferences at which you can present the results of your research and creative activity to your peers. Numerous UMN Morris students have attended and presented over the years.