Native American Student Success Program (NASS)


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The NASS program is focused on serving Native American students at University of Minnesota Morris. NASS supports students in their academic, social, and cultural development. NASS creates a home away from home environment for students and provides a community that will support them from their first year of college to their graduation.

NASS Services


  • Individualized professional academic coaching - assistance with building connections and navigating campus life
  • Mentoring from upper class Native students
  • Opportunities to enhance study skills
  • Connections to campus resources including Peer Assisted Learning and tutoring

Career and Financial Aid

  • On-campus job opportunities exclusive to NASS participants
  • Support finding research opportunities
  • Opportunities to work directly with One Stop staff on financial aid
  • Financial wellness development

Social and Cultural

  • Opportunities to participate in cultural activities and events such as beading, ribbon skirt and ribbon shirt making workshops, moccasin making workshops, and cultural food exchanges
  • Participate in NASS extended orientation—a one day program that prepares incoming Native American students to start the school year successfully and develop a network of support with their Native peers and support staff
  • Culture and language workshops
  • Community support from the Auntie and Elder-in-residence programs

The Native American Student Success Program (NASS) is wholly funded through the Native American-Serving Nontribal Institutions Program (NASNTI) grant through the US Department of Education.