Hasselmo Language Teaching Center

Note: Because the Language Teaching Center (LTC) is staffed by students, the LTC is often closed between classes. Thanks for your patience as one staff member leaves for a course and another arrives.

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Nils Hasselmo, a former professor of Scandinavian languages at the University of Minnesota, has always been a generous supporter of world languages. Hasselmo went on to become President of the University of Minnesota and also served as President of the Association of American Universities in Washington D.C.

The Hasselmo Language Teaching Center is located in the basement of the Humanities Building. It comprises a computing facility and a Media Screening Room. Both rooms may be reserved for class activities and are available for student use when not reserved for a course. See the LTC Reservation Procedures.

Computing Facility

The LTC computing facility consists of 25 Dell laptops and an instructor station, and can accommodate a class of up to 25 students. Additional hardware includes headsets, USB mics, external drives, and a printer. Moveable table are organized into pods, each with large flat-screen monitor. All the screen in the space allow for screen-casting from any device connected to the wireless network.

The computing facility offers also computer projection (for presentations) and the capacity to view VHS tapes or Region-1 DVDs as a group.

Media Screening Room

The Media Screening Room includes a flat-screen SMART television, a region-free DVD player, a VHS player, and a PAL player. There is an instructor laptop. The laptop, as well as any device connected to the wireless network, can cast to the TV screen.

The Media Room is available for drop-in use or can be reserved by students and faculty. The space also houses an extensive international film collection.

The Media Room can accommodate classes (or groups) of about 15. Larger groups are welcome to use the computing facility.

Seating in the Media Room can also be arranged to accommodate a small seminar class.