LTC Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do in the Language Teaching Center (LTC) to enhance my experience with world language?

There are many possibilities! You can take advantage of materials available to supplement the textbook you’re using in your world language (FL) course, such as an audio cd or video series, as well as multiple software programs available for individual study. You may also watch a video or DVD at an individual viewing station or on the big-screen television in the Media Screening Room, or, you can stop in to watch one of many world TV stations we subscribe to via satellite. The LTC also subscribes to a few world periodicals you can sit and enjoy. Stop in and ask a staff member for help with what interests you.

How do I save my work in the LTC?

Simplest answer: on Google Drive, an online storage tool supported by the University. You can also use a USB jump drive, which you can plug into any computer. It will not break. You can also use a floppy disk or recordable/rewritable CD, but really who wants to any more?

Can I work on projects unrelated to my language courses in the LTC?

Of course. The LTC is the only computing lab in the Humanities Building, and it is open to all UMM students. Each computer is equipped with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. In addition, you may use Polly, the development station, which is equipped with a color printer, a scanner, text recognition software, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Macromedia Flash. The LTC has one laser printer, but it is not high-volume. You are asked to limit printing to academic assignments. Please do not print off the Internet.

Are food and drinks allowed in the LTC?

Food and drinks are never allowed in the Computing Facility. You may enjoy snacks in the Media Room, but please take all trash away with you.

Gracious! There are 9 remotes for the media room. How do they all work?

Present your UMN Morris ID to check out the remotes you will need (you will never use more than 2: TV + component). The LTC assistant will help you get started. Once you have passed Remotes 1001, you may rely on the do-it-yourself instructions on top of the TV. If you have any difficulties, ask staff on duty for help. Do not tamper with machines or wires.

Can I check out a videotape or DVD to watch at home?

No, sorry. All materials housed in the LTC must be used on the premises. To watch a movie in the Media Room or on a computer 1) provide a University ID or your driver’s license to the LTC assistant and 2) fill out the Media Sign Out sheet at the front of the LTC.

Can I borrow a DVD or VHS player for a special event on campus?

Machines cannot leave the premises under any circumstances. However, you are welcome to reserve the Screening Room for a small group event, as long as you do not charge admission.

Can I bring in my own machine and hook it up to the big screen television?

Not without special permission from the Director, Viktor Berberi. Clients (students and faculty alike) are kindly asked not to reconfigure any wiring or add or remove any components without assistance from the Director.