Summer Term

Summer Term at the University of Minnesota Morris, including May Session, Summer Session I, and Summer Session II, is open to current and new students, students from other colleges, nontraditional students, and community members. Some courses have prerequisites.

Summer Term offers a learning environment that will help students realize their academic and intellectual potential and provides an excellent opportunity for students to

  • accelerate degree completion;
  • meet general education requirements (GER);
  • make up lost credits;
  • work while earning credits; and
  • live in Morris for the summer.

Morris's qualified and enthusiastic faculty offer an exciting challenge through a variety of courses. Summer Term courses, while offered in a condensed format, require the same rigor and expectations as courses offered during the academic year.

May Session is a special three-week session designed to provide opportunities for faculty and students to participate in unique courses and other learning experiences in a short, concentrated timeframe.

Summer Sessions I and II provide opportunities for students to complete courses in a five-week period. Some courses are offered in a 10-week timeframe.

Some courses are in the traditional classroom format, while others are offered online. Online Learning courses offer the same quality education available in the classroom through web-based college instruction, including small classes and one-on-one interaction with faculty in an interactive virtual classroom environment.

Summer Term 2023 dates

  • May Session: Monday, May 15–Friday, June 2
  • Summer Session I: Monday, May 22–Friday, June 23
  • Summer Session II: Monday, June 26–Friday, July 28
  • Summer Session I–Summer Session II: Monday, May 22–Friday, July 28

Cancel/add and refund deadlines

Note: study abroad deadlines may differ from other Summer Term deadlines.

    Summer Term Registration

    All students pay resident tuition for summer term.

    University of Minnesota Morris students follow these steps:

    1. Explore summer term course offerings at Morris.
    2. How to register

    University of Minnesota Crookston, Duluth, Rochester, and Twin Cities students follow these steps:

    1. Explore the summer term course offerings at Morris.
    2. How to register at another UMN campus

    Note: your home campus will put a placeholder course “Mult I” on your record.

    If you are not a University of Minnesota student follow these steps:

    The University of Minnesota Morris offers students the option to enroll part or full time as a non-degree student. Non-degree status is available primarily to

    • high school graduates taking courses of special interest;
    • students with probationary admission status who will later become regular degree candidates;
    • University of Minnesota faculty and staff.
    1. Explore the summer term course offerings at Morris.
    2. How to register as a non-degree-seeking student