Thank you for your interest in applying to the University of Minnesota Morris. To get started, please choose your student type by selecting the link below that best describes you. 

First Year

You're a freshman if you are currently in high school or you have already graduated from high school but have not enrolled at any college, university, or other school.

Apply as a first year student



You're a transfer student if you're a high school graduate who has enrolled at a college, university, or any other school since graduating from high school.

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You're an international student if you are not a permanent resident or citizen of the United States or you have arrived (or are planning to arrive) in the United States on a U.S. visa, including students from Canada.

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Common Application

If you prefer, you may also apply to UMN Morris using the Common Application! Freshman, transfer, and international students may all use the Common Application.

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PSEO Student

Through Minnesota’s Post Secondary Enrollment Option, UMN Morris lets high school juniors and seniors enroll in college courses on campus. Get first-hand exposure to college-level work while also accelerating your pathway to completing your bachelor’s degree!

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Returning Student (Re-Admission)

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. If circumstances caused you to leave UMN Morris before completing your degree and you’d like to return, you are always welcome to reapply.

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