Check In and Check Out Information

Checking in

When you arrive at your hall or apartment, you will find staff ready to check you in to your room. You will be issued a room/apartment key and a Room/Apartment Condition Report. This report is an inventory of furnishings and the condition of the room at the time you check in. You will need to review and sign this report. These reports assure that you will not be charged for missing items or for damages caused by previous occupants.

Damages and additional charges

Residents will be charged individually for damages they cause. If individual responsibility cannot be established, residents of a given room will be held jointly responsible for any damages, other than normal wear and tear, not indicated on the room inventory sheet completed when they assume occupancy. Lost keys will be replaced and locks re-cored for a $60 charge. A renter who fails to return his/her key upon check-out will be billed $60. An additional $60 will be charged for failure to comply with check-out procedures (see below). Cleaning charges will be assessed if the room is not left in a state of reasonable cleanliness.

An allocated share of damages and losses occurring in the public areas of the residence halls or apartments which cannot be traced to and collected from individuals will be assessed on an allocated basis at the end of the academic year. Within three weeks after check-out, a renter will be assessed for any damages owed, either individual or public areas. A renter has 10 business days from the date damage charges are assessed to contest the charges.

Mid-year check-out

  1. Obtain the following paperwork from your CA or CD; Assignment Change Request (ACR) and Petition for Housing Contract Release.
  2. You must schedule a check-out time no later than 24 hours before desired time of departure (Hint: schedule a time when you turn in your paperwork).
  3. Before checking out, all of your personal belongings need to be removed, ORL property present and your room cleaned.
  4. You must be present at time of check-out.
  5. If you are canceling school, your meal plan is canceled after you contact Food Service. If you are moving off campus, you have the option of keeping your meal plan and continuing to eat at Food Service, or canceling your meal plan. No credit or refund on the meal plan will be allowed during the last 10 days of the semester.
  6. You must make final settlement on room and board obligations with the business office cashier.

Year-end check-outs

  1. Sign up for a check-out time no later than Wednesday before graduation.
  2. You may change your check-out time once after you have initially signed up. If you choose to change your time it MUST be at least 24 hours before your scheduled time (Reason: the CA has to check you out and has to then change his/her schedule to do so). At the time you change it you need to tell your CA about the switch as well.
  3. Before checking out, all your personal belongings need to be removed, ORL property returned, and your room cleaned.
  4. If your CA is not able to be present at the time you would like to check out, it is your responsibility to contact another staff member to check you out.
  5. You must be present at time of check-out.​

All check-outs

At time of check-out, your CA will collect your key and check you out using the Room Condition Report (RCR) you filled out at the beginning of the year. This is done to check for any damages. Failure to comply with check-out steps at mid or end of the year will result in an improper check-out.

Improper check-outs

This will be assessed to any resident(s) not following proper procedures with the check-out process. Possible examples, but not limited to:

  • Failure to check out
  • Not signing up for a check-out time
  • Moving check-out time more than once and without telling your CA
  • Not being present at time of check-out
  • Failure to check out at appropriate time

If an improper check-out is assessed, you will be charged $60 in addition to whatever cleaning, damage, or other additional charges there may be.