David C. Johnson Independence Hall

A floor lounge in Independence Hall
A floor lounge in David C. Johnson Independence Hall

David C. Johnson Independence Hall houses 225 students on four floors. Each floor has three wings, and are co-ed either by alternating rooms or wings. Each wing has its own lounge fronted by a balcony and kitchen area. Indy also has a large main lounge area with a plasma TV, ping pong, and pool tables.

There is a Community Advisor (CA) in each wing, a returning Morris student, as well as a full-time Area Coordinator who supervises the CA staff. Office of Residential Life staff members are also available to plan activities, answer any questions, and help ease the transition into residential life.

The small lounges on each floor provide an intimate gathering spot for floormates.

an Indy Hall kitchen
A kitchen in David C. Johnson Independence Hall

The lobby is designed for recreation and socializing. Ping pong, pool, and TV provide recreation opportunities, while the comfy furniture invites you to sit a while and enjoy the artwork hanging throughout the lobby.

The kitchens on the A and C wings have a refrigerator and sink. On the B wings, there is also a stove for the hall students to use. There are four handicapped accessible rooms on the first floor of the south unit.

 Each bedroom is furnished with:

  • two beds
  • two desks and chairs
  • two large closets
  • two large dressers
  • two small dressers

You must provide your own:

  • linen (mattresses measure 36 x 80” requiring extra-long sheets)
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • towels

The laundry room contains six washers and six dryers. Campus laundry rooms use water-saving and energy-saving high-efficiency washers. Please follow all directions—including the use of HE detergent.

David C. Johnson Independence Hall Facts

David C. Johnson Independence Hall is configured into three four-story units or “pavilions” that are set at right angles to one another. The pavilions share joint stairwell towers that both separate the pavilions at each floor level and allow interconnection between them. Each floor of each pavilion is divided into five or seven double rooms, separated by a central lounge.