Pre-Service Training

The University of Minnesota Morris Office of Community Engagement offers a wide variety of trainings for participants. The office works with faculty, student organization leaders, team leaders/coaches, or residence halls community advisers (CA)s to determine how to tailor these basic trainings to your group or class.

Training Offered by Type of Project

Working in groups

These trainings help groups that will be working together on service projects to prepare for their work.

  • Working Effectively as a Team: Using the Myers-Briggs Assessment
  • What Do We Each Have to Offer?: An Assets-Based Approach
  • Planning and Organizing Group Projects: Avoiding Pitfalls
  • Assessing Group Work (for faculty)

Research projects

These trainings help students conduct successful community-based research projects using the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval the Office of Community Engagement has secured for such projects.

  • Conducting Ethical Community-Based Research
  • Conducting Interviews
  • Conducting Focus Groups
  • Conducting Research Presentations
  • Writing Research Overviews for Community Partners


These trainings are available to help students organize successful events.

  • Planning Events: From A to Z
  • Public Relations: How to Get the Word Out
  • Facilitating Dialogues
  • Assessing Events

Office of Community Engagement goals

The Office of Community Engagement will help faculty, staff, and/or group leaders ensure that students are preparing for and reflecting on these goals as they relate to your particular project. Trainings can be conducted prior to beginning the project, during, or after the project.

  • Connecting course goals with community needs
  • Problem solving and critical thinking: building and using skills
  • Understanding Oppression and Privilege
  • Leadership: Taking Initiative and Working With Others
  • The Big Picture: How Will I Contribute to Positive, Lasting Change?

Office of Community Engagement Initiatives

The Office of Community Engagement will help faculty, staff, and/or group leaders ensure that students are preparing for and reflecting on the goals associated with each of our major initiatives—and that students have the skills they need to work with particular populations.

  • Arts and Culture
  • Elder Partnerships
  • Youth Partnerships
  • Sustainable Living
  • Social Responsibility-poverty
  • Social Responsibility-violence prevention
  • Social Responsibility-inclusive communities

Trainings for faculty

  • Community Engagement 101 (Types of Community Engagement)
  • Becoming an Engaged Discipline 101 (How to incorporate community engagement into your discipline)
  • Teaching and Learning Styles
  • Faculty Service-Learning Training (an intensive training to help faculty plan a project, syllabus, pre-service training, and reflective activities—can be done as a one-on-one or with a group)