Community Building Programs

Bread ‘N Bowls

Bread 'N Bowls is an awareness-raising event focused on combating violence and poverty held in late April and early May. UMM and Morris Area art students and local artists donate ceramic bowls, and area organizations and businesses provide soup, bread, and desserts. A donation to Someplace Safe, the Stevens County Food Shelf, or the Prairie Renaissance Cultural Alliance will get participants a meal and handmade bowl.

Gather in the Park

Gather in the Park is a domestic violence awareness and prevention event planned in conjunction with Someplace Safe each October and held at East Side Park in Morris.

Morris Community Meal

Sharing food is a key way to build community. Six times a year, a free meal is served to anyone who wants to come. Regional businesses and organizations fund the meal, and students, faculty, staff, and community members cook together and share a meal. Morris Community Meal uses local foods and sustainable practices as much as possible, and strives to share food from a variety of cultures. Anyone can get involved as a co-sponsor, volunteer, or attendee!