A degree in music from the University of Minnesota Morris provides students with a broad understanding of the art of music, both historically and globally. If you are looking for an environment where you will have ample opportunity to grow and flourish as a musician and a scholar, the music discipline at Morris is the right place for you!

Tell us about you!

  • Morris combines music coursework with an exceptional liberal arts curriculum, providing a diverse knowledge base that can serve as a foundation in a variety of careers, both inside and outside of music.
  • The members of the music faculty have established reputations and are ready to work with students, not only in the small classes that are a part of the core music studies, but also through mentorships and projects that the student wishes to pursue.
  • Students have the opportunity to actively shape their education through a variety of performance venues, leadership roles, and the possibility to develop their own scholarly projects.
  • Students at Morris have the option to earn a teaching license through our reputable elementary and secondary education programs; a high percentage of music majors achieve placement in elementary and secondary music education positions.

Graduate in Four Years