Jazz Ensembles and Commercial Music

The University of Minnesota Morris is steeped in the tradition and innovation of high-quality jazz music. Large jazz ensembles and combos form the basis of the jazz program at UMN Morris. Jazz ensembles are open to all students. By participating in a jazz ensemble, you’ll not only further your knowledge of jazz and contemporary music, you’ll be able to fine-tune your musicianship, communication, and leadership skills through rehearsing, performing, and recording.

The jazz program also includes course offerings in jazz improvisation and theory, instrumental instruction, and jazz history and repertoire, along with individual instruction in both advanced improvisation and modern music composition.

Beginning fall 2024, UMN Morris will offer instruction in commercial music. This includes a music production class (in a new, all-Mac powered music tech lab), a songwriting class, and a commercial music combo. You’ll be able to acquire skills in both jazz and 21st century music industry trends.

To Participate

A friendly, informal placement audition is required at the beginning of the semester for you to participate in a jazz ensemble. The music discipline maintains a selection of instruments you can use, especially those larger or more expensive instruments. You’re encouraged to sign up in advance for an audition time or to complete the interest form.

Complete the Interest Form 



Selected Jazz Performances

Timberwolves Jazz Combo—Chameleon (Herbie Hancock)

Timberwolves Jazz Combo—Under My Skin

Jazz Ensemble—Four (Miles Davis)