Online Learning Advising

High School Graduates & Current College Students

Your best source for advising is an assigned academic adviser at your home institution. They can provide you with information regarding how courses, such as those offered in the Morris Online Learning program, will fit into your academic plan and lead to graduation from your home institution.

If you are not currently enrolled in a college or university degree program, you can contact the Morris Online Learning office to inquire about academic advising regarding your enrollment in our Online Learning program.

The Morris Admissions office can help you with plans to continue at Morris during or after your enrollment in the Online Learning program. Current majors are described on the undergraduate majors page. You may also find the UMN Morris Catalog helpful when planning.

PSEO Students

Meet with your high school counselor or home school educator about online learning course offerings, program planning, and registration requirements. They will be best at helping you fit this into your schedule and showing you how the credits may apply to high school graduation requirements. It is also imperative that you review your course selections with your high school counselor prior to registration in order to verify that you are fulfilling the graduation requirements for your high school. Your high school, not the PSEO program, determines how your Morris credits will transfer to your high school.

The PSEO program permits you to participate in college courses as mandated by state law if you meet the entry requirements of the college program. If your high school administrator or counselor has any questions about enrollment in Online Learning through the PSEO program, please refer them to the Morris Online Learning office.

It is extremely important that you keep your high school counselor or home school educator up-to-date on the status of your enrollment in the Morris Online Learning program. The Morris Online Learning office will send your high school counselor or home school educator a copy of your course enrollment after you register. In the case of a course withdrawal, you are required to notify your high school or home school educator of your enrollment change. You are also expected to notify your high school counselor or home school educator immediately if you are dismissed from the program or have an appeal pending, in order to ensure that you have a contingency plan developed in case your appeal is not approved.

The faculty and staff are here to ensure you have a successful experience and positive introduction to college-level study through the Morris Online Learning program.