Online Learning for Students from another UMN Campus

A consortium agreement exists among the five campuses of the University of Minnesota for purposes of allowing students to take classes, including online, from another campus. Under this agreement, students are allowed to attend another campus for either fall or spring semester during an academic year without losing their status or jeopardizing their eligibility for student financial assisted programs at their home campus. It is critical that students understand the relationship with each campus for registration, student status, and financial aid purposes.

Please note that for summer registration all degree seeking students must apply for Multi-I student status before registering for summer courses at another University campus. It is recommended that you begin the process in March.

Students from another University of Minnesota campus may take courses at their home campus and simultaneously take courses offered by Morris Online Learning; however, they should consult their adviser before registering for classes.


Typically, University of Minnesota Morris online courses are limited to 30 students, except writing courses which are limited to 18 students. Morris Online Learning courses follow the Morris registration and refund deadlines

Multi-Institutional Students can be

  • Students who want to register at another University of Minnesota campus instead of their home campus.
  • Students who are registered on two University of Minnesota campuses during the same term.

Register for online courses as a Multi-I student

Follow these steps if you are a student at another University of Minnesota campus and would like to take a course from the Morris Online Learning program.

  1. Fill out a copy of the Multi-institutional Application form and have it processed by your home campus.
    • A separate form is needed for each campus from which you wish to take a course. You will also need to consult with your college adviser and financial aid office to complete the application. Due to processing time, it is expected that all completed forms will be submitted one month before the start of the course.
  2. Read more about multi-institutional students
  3. Explore the online courses at Morris.
  4. Register online. See how to register for a class.
    • Note: Your home campus will put a placeholder course “Mult I” on your record. Please do not remove this course.

      Please read the Drop/Cancel Policy before you register for a course.

      Tuition refunds are available only through specified dates for each semester. Check the refund schedule before canceling courses; you are held responsible for tuition and fees if you do not cancel during the 100 percent refund period.

      1. Order your textbooks.
        • Required textbooks for Morris Online Learning courses are available at the UMN Morris bookstore approximately two to three weeks prior to the beginning of the term. Allow three to five days for shipping and handling when ordering from the UMN Morris bookstore. When ordering books from an online vendor such as, allow two to three weeks for delivery of your books by media mail.
      2. Visit your MyU portal to locate access to your online course. Sign in with your University Internet ID and password. You will find Canvas course site links in the "Key Links" or "Academics" tab. 
      3. Read your “Course Welcome" email sent by your instructor to your University-assigned email account.
      4. Review the exam policies for your class.
        • If your class uses a remote proctoring system, you must have a working microphone and camera.
      5. Review University-wide and Morris student policies.
      6. Check your University-assigned email and Canvas account often for important notices.
        • Your instructor may answer your questions within the course site or answer you via your University-assigned email account—check both often. You are responsible for all information sent to your University-assigned email account. This is the University’s official means of communication.
      7. Print and review your course syllabus on the first day of class.
        • Your course syllabus is located in your course site. Print and review a copy of the syllabus on the first day of class. It is a good idea to keep a copy of your course syllabus to help transfer credit to other institutions in the future if needed.
      8. Attend your course on the first day of class.
        • “Attending” an online class means signing in to the course site using your University Internet ID and password.
        • The Morris Online Learning program reserves the right to enforce the Mandatory Attendance at First Class Session policy at any time during or after the first three days of an online course in fall or spring, or the first two days of a Morris online course. This means that if you do not sign in to your online course site, participate in course activities, or contact your instructor at all during the first two to three days of your online course, you may lose your place in the class.
      Tuition & Fees

      Tuition and Fees

      You will be charged separate tuition rates and fees for classes taken on different campuses. If you take courses at two campuses simultaneously, you will receive separate two bills. If you are assessed students service fees for more than one campus, visit your home campus or the host campus to have one set of fees removed.


      Tuition rates for Morris online courses are the same as Morris on-campus courses.

      Late Registration Fee

      The all-University late registration fee is charged to all students on all campuses. This late registration fee is only assessed for any initial registration that occurs on or after the first day of classes. It does NOT affect adding or dropping of classes.

      Financial Aid Approval

      Students receiving grants, loans, work study, or scholarships must discuss plans with a financial aid officer. Written approval on the application form is required. (Note that not all courses taught at the University of Minnesota are eligible to receive financial aid.)

      Multi-I Status

      Submit completed forms at the Office of the Registrar. Allow adequate time for processing. Students are notified via email when their setup is complete and they can register on another campus as a Multi-I student.

      Morris remains your “home” campus. You will self register through MyU for the “host” campus you are visiting.

      One Stop Sites for University of Minnesota Campuses


      If you are registered for classes at a host campus only (Crookston, Duluth, Twin Cities, Rochester), that campus will bill you directly for your tuition and fees. Any financial aid you receive at your home campus will be sent to you in the form of a surplus check which should then be used to pay your bill at your host campus.

      If you are registered for classes at both Morris and a host campus during the same term, you will receive a bill from each campus for tuition and fees. If you receive financial aid, it will be based on the combined credits that you are registered for at both campuses. However, your aid will be disbursed and applied to your bill at your home campus ONLY; it will NOT apply directly to your bill at your host campus. You will be responsible for paying that bill separately. If you receive a financial aid surplus check, those funds can be used to pay your bill at your host campus.

      One Stop counselors will review the billing process with you during the Multi-I application process.

      Legally Binding Contract

      By registering for classes, you are entering into a legally binding contract to pay all tuition and fees, including any nonrefundable fees.

      Please read the Drop/Cancel Policy before you register for a course.

      Tuition refunds are available only through specified dates for each semester. Check the refund schedule before canceling courses; you are held responsible for tuition and fees if you do not cancel during the 100 percent refund period.