Online Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the frequently asked questions about the University of Minnesota Morris Online Learning program are answered below. If you would like more information about a specific topic, direct your questions to the Online Learning office.

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What are the technology requirements to take an online course?

You will need a computer, a high speed Internet connection, a newer version of a web browser, and access to common tools and software like word processors, email, etc. Some courses may have other software or technology requirements as well.

What are the admission requirements for Online Learning courses?

The Online Learning program currently operates in semesters and each online course carries between two and four semester credits. Registration begins when the course offerings are listed on the Online Learning website and continues until the first day of classes or the course is full. Please carefully read through the registration section for your student status before you register:

Early registration, at least one week prior to the first day of class, is encouraged for any student who is not familiar with computer hardware, the Internet, email and software such as discussion boards or chat rooms. PSEO students should register at least one week before class start dates to ensure their textbooks arrive on time.

Is it possible to earn a degree through the Morris Online Learning program?

The Morris campus does not currently offer entire degree programs online. The Online Learning program is a set of lower division general education courses that can be applied to an associate or bachelor's degree. Transferring these credits to any institution of higher learning is possible after admission criteria are met at that institution and upon review of the requested transfer credits by the transferring-in institution’s registrar. Please feel free to contact the Online Learning office with your questions on registering for these courses. University of Minnesota Morris Admissions office can assist you with your questions about admission to Morris.

Will I get credit for this course?

Online Learning credit courses are comparable to in-person courses and appear on your University of Minnesota Morris transcript in exactly the same manner as an in-person course. You will receive University credit for these courses.

What does the course number mean?

The course number designates the level of instruction for which the course is intended. One thousand numbered courses are designed as introductory, general enrichment offerings. Unless otherwise specified, they require no previous background in the subject. Most of the Online Learning courses meet general learning and elective requirements for an undergraduate degree. Three and four thousand level courses offer more advanced study and often have prerequisites.

Can I transfer credits to another institution?

If you would like to transfer these University of Minnesota credits to a degree program at another university, check with the registrar’s office or academic advising department of your home institution to be sure that credits will be accepted into your program plan. You may request that your Morris transcript be sent to another institution by following directions on the Morris One Stop Student Services website.

Can I find out more about these courses?

The courses are detailed in the course offerings. For further information, please contact Online Learning.

How long do I have to complete a course?

Fall and spring semester courses will be completed during stated weeks of the designated term in which they are offered. Most Summer Term courses are five weeks in length; a few are ten weeks. Assignments and course requirements must be completed by the due dates set by your instructor in the course syllabus. Any variance of this timeframe would need to be pre-approved by the instructor.

What happens if I don’t finish the course?

If you do not finish the course during the semester enrollment period, and if you do not request an incomplete, the course will appear on your University of Minnesota transcript with the grade of N (not completed), or a letter grade that reflects your course participation. You must officially drop from a course by the necessary deadline in order to remove the course from your transcript. You may also cancel the course and receive a “W” on your transcript and a tuition refund if you meet the refund deadlines for the semester.

What do online courses cost?

The tuition for Morris online courses corresponds to the tuition rates for University of Minnesota Morris in-person credit courses or comparable work, and varies depending on the number of credits.

  • Tuition and fees are set by the Board of Regents: Cost of Attendance.
  • The price of required texts, study guides, and other course materials is not included in tuition.

Financial aid for students enrolled in Online Learning courses is based on financial need, enrollment, and degree status. Current financial aid awards to students enrolled in another postsecondary institution may be used to offset the tuition costs. For additional information or advising about financial assistance, please contact the Financial Aid office.

How do I contact my course instructor?

Instructors stay in touch with their Online Learning students in a variety of ways, depending on the course design. Your instructor will explain the best way to reach him or her within the course home pages. You may communicate with your instructor through discussion groups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, assignment submissions, through email, or by telephone.

How are exams administered?

Proctored (supervised) exams may or may not be required for Online Learning courses. For courses that require proctored exams, please consult the Exam Policies. Check your syllabus for details before arranging for a proctor.

Where do I take proctored exams?

You may take proctored exams by arranging for a qualified proctor to supervise your examinations at another location if you will not be on campus. Bring photo identification. Information within your course syllabus will let you know if you should bring anything else.

What do I do if I would like to drop or withdraw from the course?

You must officially drop or withdraw from the course in order to avoid receiving a grade of "F" or "N." The terms of your cancellation depend on how long you have been enrolled in the course. 

  • A drop occurs within the first two weeks of class and will not appear on your transcript.
  • A withdrawal occurs after the first two weeks of class and will appear on your transcript.

Please read the UMN Morris Online Learning Deadlines and the Drop/Cancel Policy before you register for a course.

Tuition refunds are available only through specified dates for each semester. Check the refund schedule before canceling courses; you are held responsible for tuition and fees if you do not cancel during the 100 percent refund period.

Online Learning courses follow the University of Minnesota Morris registration and refund schedules.

What if the course I want to take is not available?

Courses currently available through the Online Learning program are listed at course offerings. Other online courses are available through different campuses of the University of Minnesota.

See University of Minnesota ONLINE for more information

Please send your interest in a specific course.

How do I find out my grade for the online course I took?

You may check your University of Minnesota final grades online via your MyU Portal.

1. Go to
2. Enter your Internet ID and password.
3. Click Sign In.
4. Click the Academics tab on the left.
5. Click Grades.