Therapy Dog Program


The concept of a therapy dog being used in conjunction with a public safety department is a new and exciting approach to assist in bringing the best level of service to our university and local community. Research shows that the use of a therapy dog helps to support students and can bring comfort to victims. This program will provide numerous physical, emotional and social benefits to the University of MN Morris students which will in turn contribute to the overall health of our campus and community. Thanks to a number of generous donors the therapy dog program at the University of MN Morris has become a reality.

Archie is a Goldendoodle and has been hard at work since March 2020 meeting students, staff and faculty on campus. He lives with his handler, Investigator Kathy Dingman, and accompanies her to work. Archie will be available to assist Kathy on a wide variety of calls, with emphasis on those involving mental health crises and victim services.  Archie will also be available for floor programs and other community outreach events. If you see Archie around campus, be sure and introduce yourself!