Morris Campus Public Safety

University of Minnesota Morris Public Safety serves the Morris campus and is responsible for all property owned by the University of Minnesota Morris. Public Safety is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for Morris students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Public Safety provides proactive patrol, crime prevention and safety programs, safe escort services, investigations, parking and law enforcement, building access and security, and emergency services.

Mission Statement

The University of Minnesota Morris Public Safety is dedicated to protecting the people and the property of the University of Minnesota Morris. We work collaboratively with the campus community to provide a safe learning and working environment through community awareness, involvement and education. We are committed to fair, professional, equal service for all.

Parking Information

Key Requests

Emergency Phone Numbers

Public Safety Office

Office Hours
Monday-Friday: 8-4:30
Behmler Hall 6
320-589-6089 fax

Safety and Emergencies