Purchasing Technology

Hardware Purchasing

UMN Morris Information Technology (IT) purchases computers, laptops, tablets, printers, and some peripherals for campus departments. To purchase computer and peripheral equipment, contact ummhelp@morris.umn.edu

Request a Purchase or Device Consultation

Guiding Principles & General Standards

UMN Morris IT is dedicated to providing sustainable technology whenever possible.  In addition to complying with the Regents policy, University Security Policy, and other requirements, all UMN Morris Information Technology standard configurations are EPEAT Gold rated products.

Our standard configuration packages are designed for a four- to five-year device lifecycle. As of fiscal year 2023, most campus device replacements are internally and centrally managed by the UMN Morris IT device management team. As a result we no longer publish unit prices as transactions are handled on an as-needed basis. Questions and consultations should be submitted to the device management team.

The UMN Morris device standard consists of the following:

  • Intel core i7 CPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 256 GB Solid State Disk (SSD)
  • Compatible device encryption technology (TPM chip)
  • Preference to issue laptop/dock package for employees and offices

Windows Device Packages

Dell is our preferred vendor for Windows-based devices. We are able to obtain quotes for Microsoft Surface devices if/as necessary upon consultation.

Desktop: Dell OptiPlex

  • Includes desktop, dual monitor configuration, keyboard, mouse, webcam

Laptop: Dell Latitude

  • Includes laptop, dock, dual monitor configuration, keyboard, mouse, integrated webcam

Apple / MacOS Devices

Apple and MacOS devices are purchased at time of request, and delivery can take 2-4 weeks.

Desktop: iMac 24"

  • Includes desktop, keyboard, mouse, integrated webcam

Desktop Alternative: Mac Mini

  • Includes desktop, monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, webcam

Laptop: MacBook 13"

  • Includes laptop, dock device, monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, integrated webcam

Tablet: iPad

  • Contact us for specifications

Departmental Printers

HP is our preferred make of departmental printers. It is important to note that wireless printers are not allowed on the UMN Morris wireless network. Departmental printers require a wired network port, and wireless-only devices (e.g. laptops) can be configured to print to wired printers. Contact us for a quote.