Printing on Campus

From Your Device

The WebPrint Guide walks you through printing to campus printers from your personal device.

WebPrint WebPrint Guide

From a UMN Morris Campus Computer Lab

How to print

  1. Print the job as you normally would (File -> Print for example).
  2. Sign in with your University internetID and password at the prompt.
Holding the document for future printing or to print from another lab.
Add a job to your queue.
  1. Print document
  2. Change the printer name to “Hold to Print Later or at another Lab”
  3. Sign in with your University internetID and password at the prompt. This will save the job to your print queue in your Papercut account.
Releasing a job from your queue
  1. Login to your Papercut account by clicking on the “Details” link and logging in with your University internetID and password.
  2. Choose “Jobs Pending Release.”
  3. Choose to print the desired document.
  4. Choose the printer for the desired lab.

Make sure you log out of Papercut at the end of your session. Forgetting to logout may result in print jobs being sent and charged to your account.

  1. Right click on the “Balance” display.
  2. Choose logout

If you experience problems while trying to print in a lab on campus, please contact the Help Desk, 320-589-6150.

Adding funds to your account

To add funds to your papercut account, please visit one of the following locations:

  • Business Office - 205 Behmler Hall
  • Higbies - Student Center
Large Scale and/or Quantity

3D printing is available to all University students, faculty/staff, and community members.

Learn more about 3D Printing at UMN Morris