Email Lists

Guidelines for Campus Email Lists

There are numerous email lists for the convenience of Morris campus students, faculty, and staff. UMMFACPA, UMMUSA, and UMM-ALL-EMPLOYEES are for messages of University business. Examples include announcements about class seminars, conference opportunities, and job postings. Faculty and staff may use UMMPOSTS (formerly known as UMMSTAFF) for individual announcements such as “looking to buy/borrow”, “for sale/rent” that might not interest every employee on campus. In addition, please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Use University property, equipment, finances, materials, electronic and other systems, and other resources only for legitimate University purposes.
  • University of Minnesota technology resources may not be used for commercial purposes, political messages, or other endorsements. This restriction applies to email lists as well. Messages involving individual announcements (garage sales, etc.) must be restricted to the UMMPOSTS list only.
  • Do not forward messages from others to Morris campus email lists.
  • Attachments cannot be correctly received by many email users. In addition, they are potential carriers of computer viruses. Do not send file attachments to any UMM lists. Instead, copy and paste the text of your file into the message body.
  • No abusive language is tolerated on any email lists.
  • To be removed from the UMMPOSTS list, send mail to:
    containing the message:
    unsubscribe ummposts                                        

Campus lists

These lists are intended to handle communications to Morris campus employees that are urgent, important, or of very broad general interest.
An email list that will include all active UMM faculty and P&A employees. This list serve will be updated automatically once each semester. To reach just the UMM faculty, use the UMM-FACULTY list.
An email list for all active UMM civil service, AFSCME clerical, AFSCME technical, Teamsters, and LELS employees. This list serve will be updated automatically once each semester.
An email list that will include everyone from the UMMFACPA and UMMUSA email lists. We will also add UMMRA to this list serve, so they can stay aware of campus announcements and events. The information contained in these messages should include material that is considered of the greatest importance, required for employees' professional careers. (opt-out)
An email list for posting announcements. UMMPOSTS, formerly known as UMMSTAFF, is for posts about general topics. Participation is voluntary. (opt-out)
An email list for retired faculty and staff. Participation is voluntary. (opt-out)
An email list for spouses of current faculty and staff. Participation is voluntary.

Student Email Lists


The UMM Official email list can be used by campus programs, faculty, and staff to disseminate important information about University services, major events, programs, or opportunities and other messages of importance to the student body.

If your message subject does not meet the criteria to be sent to the ummofficial list, but you want to reach a large number of Morris campus current students, consider using the Student Organization Leaders’ Network mailing list,, which currently includes over 300 of the most active student leaders.

Creating an email list

Individuals, committees, or organizations that want to originate or participate in an issues discussion are encouraged to create new lists for these purposes.