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Workers Compensation

UMM Workers Compensation 

This policy is intended to provide employees with a comprehensive response to on-the-job injuries/illnesses, prompt medical care; a timely return to work; and an effective management of workers’ compensation benefits. Minnesota Statutes cover the management of workers’ compensation claims, Chapter 176 in addition to administrative rules.

Procedures have been established for reporting injuries, seeking medical attention, and communicating work status. Not reporting injuries in a timely manner can delay employees’ medical treatment and payments and can result in monetary penalties being imposed on the University.

University employees must promptly report on-the-job injuries/illnesses to the employee's supervisor. Within 24 hours of the employee’s report the supervisor shall complete the First Report of Injury and the Employee Incident Report forms and forward these to the UMM Payroll Office.

Workers Compensation 

U of M Workers Compensation Policy/Procedure

U Report

The UReport provides a way for University community members to report violations of rules, regulations and policies. The report can be made anonymously.