Campus Event Guidelines

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Who can request a room?

Faculty, staff, and registered student organizations can request rooms throughout the campus using Ad Astra. External groups must contact the Office of Conferences and Special Events.

When can requests be made?

Requests for large-scale events, or those with setup and/or technical needs, must made at least four weeks in advance. Requests for other meetings, seminars, study sessions, etc., should be made at least two business days in advance through Ad Astra. Requests under these timeframes cannot be guaranteed and cannot be scheduled using Ad Astra.

Can Astra find a room to meet the needs of the event?

Yes. There are a variety of filters that can assist with determining the type of room(s) available. Specific rooms can also be requested.

Is a special login required?

No. The system recognizes the current University authentication, internet ID, and password used for other applications such as email.

What events may and may not be scheduled in general-purpose classrooms?

Classrooms are used for class instruction, study, or other like activities. Events in general-purpose classrooms must be compatible with the academic nature of classrooms and academic buildings. Non-class events are welcome, but they must not adversely impact the classroom, its contents, or the surrounding area.

Scheduling priority is given first to academic courses for classroom spaces. Scheduling priority is given second to academic seminars, discussion groups, study groups, senior presentations, and the like.

Non-compatible events include any event that adversely impacts the classroom directly or that impacts research, study, or other academic pursuits in areas adjacent to classrooms. Activities that are not compatible with general purpose classrooms may include amplified music, dances, dinners, potlucks, parties, theater, stage events, performances, or events that require room refurnishing or removal of equipment.

The campus has alternative spaces for nonacademic events, such as the Student Center, conference rooms, and the Welcome Center. Visit venues for options.

Event Sponsor Responsibility

When making a reservation, you will be required to designate a contact person to be responsible for the proper conduct of the event and for returning the room(s) to its (their) original configuration. The sponsoring organization or department is responsible for the information provided in the reservation. A reservation does not guarantee event support services such as AV equipment, catering, extra custodial support, or security. The sponsor is responsible for working with Conferences and Special Events to coordinate all required services.  These services may result in additional costs, which will be the responsibility of the event sponsor.

If your event begins before or after the hours that a building is open, it is your responsibility to contact Public Safety at 320-589-6000 (320-287-1601 or 320-208-6500 after 4:30 p.m., weekends, and holidays) to make arrangements to have it opened.


All users of rooms on the Morris campus are expected to leave the room and its equipment in good order. Keeping rooms in good order includes: chairs and tables straightened; electronic equipment shut off; and taking away or disposing of everything one came in with, such as pop/food containers, newspapers, etc. Users are also expected to take extra care that no damage is done to the room, furniture, or equipment, and that the room is ready for the next user. Under no circumstances is furniture or other property to be removed from the room or removed from other rooms. Any items brought in for the event should be removed promptly and the room returned to its original arrangement. The sponsor will be charged for extra cleanup or damages to the facility incurred during the course of the event. Failure to adhere to these policies may subject the sponsoring organization to deposit charges and/or restriction of space usage privileges.

Room Equipment and Features

The scheduled use of rooms includes seating space and use of any accessible equipment such as lecterns, microphones, projectors, etc. Many general-purpose classrooms have technology and support equipment permanently installed. Use of the room does not include access to locked equipment. Locked equipment can be accessed through the Office of Information Technology, whose staff may provide onsite support. Storage, equipment rooms, and projection booths are not included in the reservation, and entry into these areas is not authorized. Students who may have access to the locked equipment for course usage and support are not authorized to access the locked areas for event usage.

Contacts for Requesting Rooms

Conferences and Events, Student Center

Welcome Center

Imholte Hall

Humanities Fine Arts and Humanities

Education and MRC 205



Cougar Sports Center

Academic Classrooms

Promote Your Event

Marketing is the best way to promote events and sell tickets, and there are lots of ways you can market campus events to internal and external audiences. Recommendations and options from the Office of Communications and Marketing