Student Leader Glossary

A Glossary For UMM Student Leaders

All the terms and acronyms flying around UMM can get confusing. Here's an easy way to learn more about everything you're hearing about on campus and off.

Activity Fee Review Committee (AFRC)

A special committee of the chancellor responsible for the allocation of student service fees to student organizations and University programs. It is comprised of nine students, one staff member, two faculty/professional/administrative member, and the Director of Student Engagement & Events. Students serve two year terms and the committee allocated approximately $250,000 each year.

Adjunct Committee

Any committee that reports to a Campus Assembly committee. These committees and their respective memberships are formally created by the Campus Assembly as amendments to the UMM Bylaws. They are intended to address and concentrate on specific functions relative to the charges of their corresponding Assembly committee. An adjunct committee is required to provide a report once every two years.

MCSA Advisory Council

A committee of the MCSA comprised of leaders of student organizations and residential hall governments. It was created to advise the MCSA Forum on matters of organizational interest and to provide a medium of discussion for student concerns.

All-University Senate

The governing legislative body of the University of Minnesota. Its membership includes faculty, students, civil service, and P&A representatives from each of the five U of M campuses.

Assembly Committee

Any of the five committees that report to the UMM Campus Assembly: Assessment of Student Learning, Campus Resources & Planning, Curriculum, Scholastic, and Student Services. The members of these committees each include at least four students, selected by the MCSA Executive Committee and approved by the Executive Committee and whole of Campus Assembly.

Board of Regents

The governing body of the University of Minnesota. The Board oversees all University operations, including the selection of the University President. Regents are selected by the state legislature. The Board meets once each month for two full days.

Campus Assembly

The primary legislative authority on the Morris campus. The Campus Assembly is responsible for the formal consideration and adoption of campus policies relating to the campus as a whole. It is comprised of all full-time faculty members, duly-elected student Assembly representatives, select administrators, and elected civil service representatives. The Assembly usually meets 2-3 times each semester.


The chief administrative officer of one of the three outstate campuses including Crookston, Morris, and Duluth. Dr. Janet Schrunk Ericksen is the current acting chancellor of the Morris campus.