MCSA Committees

Academic Affairs Committee

Chair Denisse Carreon, Secretary of Academic Affairs

  • Dylan Young, President
  • Maya Shebala, Campus Assembly Representative
  • Shelby Maloney, Campus Assembly Representative
  • Evelin Canil Aguilar, Campus Assembly Representative
  • Henry Hubred, UMN Student Senator

Campus Relations Committee

  • Chair: Gabby Holboy, Secretary of Campus Relations
  • Kendra DeRosa, Campus Assembly Representative
  • Madison Ferguson, Public Relations Manager
  • Margot Finneran-Flykt, Circle of Nations Indigenous Association Representative

Resources & Operations Committee

  • Chair: Daleney Teske, Secretary of Resources & Operations
  • Noelle Muzzy, Vice President
  • Briana Dokken, Executive Assistant
  • Robert Jayne, Campus Assembly Representative
  • Cameron Berthiaume, Campus Assembly Representative
  • John Barber
  • Karis Begaye, DEI Officer
  • Amalia Galvan, Sustainability Officer

Student Services Committee

  • Chair: Vanessa Mora, Secretary of Student Services
  • Hal Johnson, Morris Student Representative to the Board of Regents
  • Jay Allard, Morris Student Senate Consultative Committee Representative
  • Kylen Running Hawk, Campus Assembly Representative
  • Sam Lindholm, Campus Assembly Representative
  • Ana Carbajal, Campus Assembly Representative

All-University Committee

  • Jay Allard, Senate Consultative Committee Representative and Student Senate Consultative Committee Representative
  • Henry Hubred, Morris Campus Student Senator
  • TBA, Morris Campus Student Senator
  • Hal Johnson, Morris Student Representative to Board of Regents
  • Kianna Big Crow, Government Relations Officer

Campus Assembly Representatives

  • Dylan Young
  • Noelle Muzzy
  • Shelby Maloney
  • Daleney Teske
  • Evelin Canil Aguilar
  • Gabby Holboy
  • Maya Shebala
  • Vanessa Mora
  • Denisse Carreon
  • Jay Allard
  • Kylen Running Hawk
  • Kendra DeRosa
  • Madison Ferguson
  • Ana Carbajal
  • Sam Lindholm
  • Cameron Berthiaume

*In accordance with the MCSA constitution, four spots have been reserved for members of the First-Year Council

Election Commission

  • Chair: Kendra DeRosa, Election Commissioner