Public Art at UMN Morris

Public art of various styles, shapes, and media is part of our everyday lives on the Morris campus.

By "public art," we mean those artworks that are not contained within the walls of a gallery or building, but instead are located outside of those structures and made directly accessible through their integration with our campus landscape.

Some of these artworks were created by UMN Morris students, and others were commissioned as part of public art projects. In all cases, they help us to think more deeply about our campus' histories and identities, and in true liberal arts fashion, link human-made creations of beauty and power with our natural environment. Take a closer look!

We invite you to view the many other artworks within our buildings, as well as in the Edward J. and Helen Jane Morrison Art Gallery, in the Humanities Fine Arts building.

This project was a collaboration between Prof. Julia Dabbs, Art History, and Sara Carman '20 as part of the UMN Morris "Engaged and Engaging Humanities" project funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.