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Sustainable Academics & Coursework

A UMN Morris education is the sustainable foundation for any career.

At UMN Morris the goal is to study widely, work across disciplines, and step back to look at the big picture. These qualities of a Morris education will help solve the sustainability challenges ahead:

  • Critical thinking
  • Broad knowledge base
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of our academics. From dedicated courses and programs focused on the environment and sustainability to sustainability themes and ideas being incorporated throughout our disciplines, Morris has a strong commitment to leadership in sustainable academics and ongoing expansion of our work and offerings in this important field. Learn more at:


    Sustainability is an important part of our academic offerings. More than 75% of majors at UMN Morris include a sustainability-related course. We also offer the following opportunities.

    • There are two majors devoted to the environment, Environmental Science and Environmental Studies, which cover policy, economics, and cultural issues.
    • UMN Morris recently added the Sustainability Leadership minor, a program that helps students from any major develop the skills they need to grow as sustainability leaders in their personal and professional lives.
    • We build climate and carbon literacy into many of our courses and co-curricular activities. Environmental policy issues are addressed in courses across varied disciplines. We also make ample use of renewable energy resources on campus.
    • Students perform internships with outreach organizations like the Center for Small Towns to assist with community-based sustainability initiatives.
    • The Green Energy tour plays a role in several courses, introducing students to scientific and policy issues.
    • Students take advantage of our renewable energy projects on campus, learning more about their operations and conducting independent research.