Office of Sustainability

The Morris Office of Sustainability (MOOS) has a vision to see the Morris campus and community grow as a model of sustainability principles, practice, and excellence.

We work collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, and community partners to advance our shared sustainability aspirations. MOOS works in the following areas:

  • accountability and reporting
  • communications and messaging
  • on-campus engagement
  • education and training
  • faculty and staff support
  • new programming
  • outreach and engagement
  • creating culture change

Want to get involved? Stop by our office on the second floor of the Welcome Center. We can connect you with people and resources, whether you want to join an effort that is ongoing or you have some ideas of your own.

Meet the Office of Sustainability

Troy Goodnough: Sustainability Director

Troy Goodnough

Sustainability is important to me because I want to live a “good” life. I think sustainability-thinking helps me to lead a more intentional, purposeful, and joyful life. I believe that my actions have consequences. My actions affect: the people around me, people around the world I don’t know, future generations, and the ecosystems that make life possible for me and all living things. I hope there is a way to harmonize my everyday living with these considerations.

I am interested in Aikido, learning new things, good process, and civility.


Sustainability Interns


Joey Beck

Joey Beck ’26 (he/him) 

Major: computer science

Sustainability is important to me because it ensures a better world for the current and incoming generations. In sustainability, there are always new things to be discovered and work to be done, it is an ever-progressing field.

Interests: programming microcontrollers, hiking up difficult trails, dabbling in some robotics, drinking copious amounts of tea

August Bushy

August Bushy ’24 (she/her)

Majors: environmental science and environmental studies, with Native American Indigenous studies minor

Sustainability is important to me because the future generations should not have to worry about what our generation and past generations have done to the economy and environment. I do what I can to make a personal change, no matter how small it may seem in the grand scheme of things.

Interests: rollerblading, playing with my animals, all things plants, hunting, gardening


Briana Dokken

Briana Dokken ’24 (she/her)

Major: physics, with chemistry, math, and sustainability leadership minors

Sustainability is important to me because it seems like there's a lot of problems going on, and sustainability sounds like it can help solve those problems. Another thing I've learned at MOOS is that sustainability also involves building relationships and taking care of the community, and that is an important part of life.

Interests: hanging out with my dog Maizy, watching the tv show Brooklyn 99

Claire Garrett

Claire Garrett ’26 (she/they)

Major: environmental science

To me, sustainability is solving problems in a holistic and collaborative manner that works toward a balance between environment, economics, and culture. The goal of this approach is to have a no worse than neutral impact on the earth and everyone inhabiting it. My hope is that, through sustainability, we will one day be able to live and grow with the earth rather than just use it to live.

Interests: canoeing, hiking, hammocking, any and all forms of art

Briahna Hensel

Briahna Hensel ’25 (she/her)

Major: biology

Sustainability is important to me because it helps improve our world in the present and for the future. Working to make the world a more sustainable place is one of the greatest impacts that you can have in my opinion.

Interests: hiking, lifting, running, coloring and drawing

Zoe Hoaglund

Zoe Hoaglund ’25 (she/her)

Major: environmental science

I really enjoy being outside and in nature, so I’d like to preserve nature for as long as possible so that others can also enjoy it.

Interests: cross country, track, skiing

Torr Johnson

Torr Johnson ’24 (she/they)

Major: biology, with sustainability leadership minor

Sustainability is about longevity. I love spending time in nature, and it is our responsibility as people who enjoy and use nature to protect it. It’s important to preserve this beautiful planet for our co-inhabitants and many future generations.

Interests: camping, houseplants, canoeing, birding

Shae Lindholm

Shae Lindholm ’23 (they/she)

Major: environmental studies

I have always enjoyed the outdoors, and I unfortunately live in a time where my favorite places are in danger of disappearing. As an environmental studies major I feel it is my obligation to do what I can to halt the slide towards catastrophe.

Interests: being outdoors, video game modding, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (books and movies)


Juniper Lumpkin

Juniper Lumpkin ’26 (any pronouns)

Major: chemistry

I would like to have a lush green planet to live on in the next ten to fifteen years.

Interests: reading, hiking, music

Jamayla Malone

Jamayla Malone ’26 (she/her)

Major: biology, pre-vet

For most medical professionals, especially veterinarians, sustainability directly ties in with the job. As an aspiring veterinarian I want to put in the work of understanding the bridge between sustainability and veterinary science now to help build a better foundation for myself in my career in the future.

Interests: working out, enjoying life, spending time with people important to me

Maddie Schoenberger

Maddie Schoenberger ’24 (she/her)

Major: biology

Sustainability is important to me because we share our planet not only with other humans, but also with countless other species of animals, plants, fungi, and microbes. Humans are just a small part of an incredibly complex and interconnected ecosystem, and our actions affect the lives of all of those around us whether we are aware or not. Thus, it is crucial to be mindful of our impacts and strive to cultivate a more equitable world.

Interests: doing jigsaw puzzles, bicycling, crocheting, playing Dungeons & Dragons

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Office of Sustainability Former Interns

Katy Evenson

Katy Evenson: Sustainability Events Intern

Majors: Psychology and Studio Art, Minor: Spanish

Sustainability means quite a lot to me; I grew up always having a large garden, line-drying our family's clothes and keeping a very large compost bin, and never thought for a second that any of these things were strange or something that we shouldn't be doing. This lifestyle of my childhood has carried over into how I think about ecology and conservation today; that sustainability is something that is lived every day, not just at our convenience. It’s important that we leave this planet as good or better than when we got here.

I’m interested in cooking, baking, knitting, learning new things and thoughtful citizenship of my community (globally and locally).

Katie Hosch

Katie Hosch: Engagement and Data Intern

Majors: Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies also minoring in Chemistry

Sustainability, for humans, is the practice of sustainable living, allowing resources (rather than problems) to be passed onto our future generations. Personally, I try to bike as many places as I can, buying and eating many local foods, and conserving both electricity and water throughout my day.

I enjoy reading, swimming, watching sports and cooking.

Kyle Klausing

Kyle Klausing: Community Climate Education Intern

Majors: History, Spanish, and Latin American Area Studies

Sustainability is the capacity of individuals and communities to combine both a high quality of life that endures for future generations with a respect for our natural environment and the resources it contains. While things like energy conservation and organic gardening are important facets of sustainability, I believe that sustainability as both a concept and a practice is something much larger. It involves a wide array of people and institutions engaged in everything from community composting to developing more efficient batteries for wind turbines. It's exciting to be a part of this effort!

I enjoy reading, biking, and conversation with friends.

Nkaujcoob Vang

Nkaujcoob Vang: Communications Intern

Major(s): Management and French Minor

To be able to live in balance with the environment, people, and other species without having to create consequences for future generations: that is what sustainability is to me. Though the concept is still new to me, I am honored to be a part of a great cause, learning about new ways of being sustainable and helping others become aware of these sorts of things! I hope to help pass along the knowledge so that people can too incorporate a sustainable method of living.

I enjoy being with family and friends, listening to music, watching a good series, trying out new things.

Ashleigh Cimino

Ashleigh Cimino: Alumni Engagement intern

Major(s): Global Business with a Minor in Italian

I believe sustainability is important because it means taking responsibility for the way human life has affected the Earth. Today we have opportunities to use renewable energy to preserve our natural resources, and I am proud to be part of a campus that does this and makes sustainability one of its top priorities. Personally I am passionate about sustainability because I want to inspire other people not to take our Earth for granted.

When I have time between my studies and helping to save the world my favorite hobby is dancing, specifically with hula hoops. I've been hooping for almost 2 years and last fall I felt like a full-fledged circus performer when I finally got to try Fire Hooping.

Nina Schexnider

Nina Schexnider: Campus Sustainability Data Analysis Intern

Major(s): Anthropology, Biology

"You reap what you sow."

Reading books, playing sports, traveling.

Saskia Zinn

Saskia Zinn - Morris Model Intern

Major(s): French and German

Sustainability to me means caring for and maintaining the different areas of education, community and the environment in ways that will allow future generations to appreciate them just as we do now. Additionally, ensuring that the projects we implement in these different areas are ones that have strong enough foundations to outlast our generation, and cultivate further beneficial advancements for the future.

Traveling, tiny homes design, reading, hiking, camping, cooking, skiing.

Faith Bradley

Faith Bradley: MN Greencorps - Local Foods

Sustainable actions that promote the continuity of our unique environments and communities while maintaining the happiness of their residents is needed now more than ever. I hope to encourage and make these sorts of actions while working with the local foods system in Morris and am excited to see what kind of impact we can make.

I love living in new places, traveling and exploring the world, gardening, cooking, eating, hiking and camping! I also love learning about our food system, both locally and around the world.

Anna Pratt

Anna Pratt: Climate Education Intern

Majors: Environmental Studies and Spanish, Minor: Political Science

Sustainability and sustainable thinking is important to me because it is the only way to ensure our quality of life now and in the future. We depend on each other as a species for our survival and happiness just as we rely on our environment for everything from water filtration to food to fun. So it only makes sense that we should value humanity and the Earth as well economic benefit in our lives and our political and economic systems.

I enjoy practicing TaeKwonDo, reading, and learning new things.

Meg Forcia

Meg Forcia: Sustainable Communities Intern

Majors: Environmental Studies and American Indian Studies

The Seven Fires Prophecy is an important part of Anishinaabe teachings. It is my belief that this generation is faced with a choice between two roads.  The wrong road will lead us to destruction, but if we choose the right road, “the seventh fire will light the eighth and final fire, an eternal fire of peace, love, brotherhood and sisterhood.” As an Anishinaabe woman, I feel a responsibility toward protecting the water and the land. But to me, sustainability is more than that. It’s about sustaining peaceful relationships within our communities and personal lives, and fostering a spiritual connection with our Mother Earth.

I love living a vegan lifestyle, and am currently making plans to build an off-grid tiny house. I am extremely interested in renewable energy projects on tribal lands, and my biggest aspiration in life is to create an eco-commune on my reservation.

Sandra Thao

Sandra Thao: Sustainable Relationship Intern

Majors: Sociology and Philosophy

Sustainability to me symbolizes the preservation of “earthly” cultures and ways to improve the ways of living for ourselves and our futures. The ways we directly and indirectly interact with the environment and each other will impact our lives in some ways. Sustainability will allow me to find the link between our causes and effects with not only the environment but with the people and other organisms.

My hobbies are reading books I find interesting, watching dramas and anime, learning new things, playing any sport - especially soccer - listening to music, and singing.

Lorrie Gottwald

Lorrie Gottwald: Alumni Networking and Outreach Intern

Major: Environmental Studies

Sustainability is a concept that encourages us to live a life with purpose, emphasizing how our lifestyle choices affect not only our local community but communities across the world. It is a lifestyle in which I was raised, before it was formally formed as a concept.  As a child I helped my dad maintain a large garden, helped my mom hang clothes on our clothesline, and engaged with the natural world every chance I had. Every choice we make in this world leaves a footprint, every footprint we make leaves a mark. It is our responsibility to leave this earth in as good or better condition for future generations.

I am passionate about running, reading, crocheting, gardening, and being outdoors.

Emily Moore

Emily Moore: Data and Reporting Intern

Majors: Physics and Environmental Science

Sustainability is important to me because I want to make an impact on the world around me, and leave it better than it was for future generations.

At UMM I am involved in the Women's Varsity Soccer Team and Physics Club. I enjoy learning, running, working out, spending time with friends and family, and playing with my puppy, Lucy, in my free time. I like to stay busy and hope to become an Environmental Engineer in the future.

Sarah Terpstra

Sarah Terpstra: Implementation Intern

Majors: Sociology and Human Services

Sustainability is important to me because humans are impacting the world in a terrible way. We need a way to preserve the planet and sustainability is the best way for that! There is so much to this world that is beautiful; I want future generations to see it its beauty.

I love photography, volleyball, hiking, horseback riding, traveling, animals and farm life. I currently have only been to Italy outside of the U.S, but I'm hoping to change that very soon.

Brenna Cook

Brenna Cook: Communications Intern

Major: Biology

The interconnectedness of people, societies, and the environment is an idea that appeals to me and manifests itself in a hope that we can use our actions to create a more equitable world for everyone in it. Minimizing our negative impact on each other and maximizing the effectiveness of resources we use can help us provide for ourselves and other living things in both the present and future. Therefore, I think focusing on sustainable practices in every facet of life can help make the world a more pleasant place for everyone here.

I also enjoy reading and learning about different places and people, as well as spending time outside.

Austin Peterson

Austin Peterson: Data and Reporting Intern

Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry

Sustainability is an important concept to me because it is an idea that can help bring people together for the greater good. People can rally around the idea of creating an environment that future generations can enjoy. Preserving our environment and working to develop clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels is not only extremely important, but very interesting as well. Everyday people are finding new ways to help create a more sustainable international community. Creating a sustainable environment and developing new ideas to make a better world for tomorrow is a passion of mine. It is an incredible feeling when everyone is able to put aside their differences and come together to solve a problem, and this is something that sustainability helps achieve. I believe that sustainable thinking and ideology is the backbone to any healthy functioning society.

I enjoy playing sports, hanging out with friends and family, exploring new places, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Martin Zais

Martin Zais: Composting Coordination Intern

Major: Environmental Studies Minor: Biology

Sustainability is about making mindful choices. The Latin root for sustainability is made up of sustinere, which translates tenere, to hold, and sub, up. The Latin root word implies effortful action on our part. Economically, socially, environmentally, and relationally impacts must all be considered in the susty stew. To me sustainability is doing the best with what I am given. I am passionate about this work because I want to protect the wild places.

I enjoy enlightened forms of transportation such as bicycling, foot-travel, and rail-travel. I like exploring new places and being in nature. I like learning new processes, activities, and why things are the way they are.

Denisse Zaini

Denisse Ziani: Implementation Intern

Major: Biology

For me sustainability means how biological systems are able to endure and survive. With that definition in mind for me sustainability means making sure that we as human being don't forget about those biological systems. In the world that we live today human being and me included are so preoccupied in surviving. We put all of our attention in surviving midterms, to surviving a long day at work or, even surviving a break up. In our attempt to survive our daily day activities, we sometimes damage does biological systems. For me sustainability means, being able to endure and survive this world while making sure I don't damage the world I'm living in, and its biological systems. In other world, it means making anything in my power to make sure the world I live in survives, because if he dies I by default die as well.

I enjoy anything related to the ocean.

Katie Ledermann

Katie Ledermann: Systemwide and Statewide Sustainability Leadership Fellow

Majors: Environmental Studies and Management

I am passionate about sustainability because I want to do as much as I can to protect the beautiful places in this world so that I and others can enjoy them for years to come.

Interests: just about anything and everything that involves being outdoors, especially skiing, running, hiking, camping, exploring new places, and being in the sun and water.

Rebecca Schrupp

Rebecca Schrupp: Ecostation Development Intern

Major(s): Environmental Science and Geology

Sustainability is important to me because it's something that I can do by myself, for myself, while also benefiting my neighbors, local and global community. Living a sustainable lifestyle means a lot of different things, and allows me a lot of diversity, flexibility and creativity in my life. Sustainability if anything but boring or limiting.

Interests: I enjoy getting outside and learning about the environments around me. I tend to bike, hike, kayak, or just take a walk through the park. I also enjoy reading, particularly about history.

Hannah Goemann

Hannah Goemann: Zero Waste Intern

Major(s): Biochemistry

Sustainability is important to me because we live in a beautiful world and have a much-neglected obligation to reduce our collective impact on the environment. Also, not only does thinking sustainably help us connect with the world around us, but with the people around us as well, which is pretty neat.

Interests: Running, reading pop. science, and adventuring!

Haley Gill

Haley Gill: Community Housing Intern

Major(s): Biology and Environmental Science

Sustainability is not only the goal of creating environmentally friendly practices, but the collaboration of all of us. The changes this world will face will affect us all, so to me - sustainability also includes a gigantic group effort.

Interests: Piano, Cello, Pomme de Terre Foods, Fishing

Tasha Scneider

Tasha Scneider: Zero Waste Intern

Major(s): Environmental Studies and Anthropology and American Indian Studies

Sustainability and its importance to me is hard to put in words. I grew up surrounded by nature so it's never been a question for me why the health of the environment is important. I consider sustainability and the environment to be core parts of who I am. I want everyone to be able to experience some connection with nature and to be able to live a healthy life. If the environment is at risk, so are we.

Interests: I spend a lot of my free time with my cat Juniper. We mostly snuggle and play, but we also like to go on road trips. I also enjoy watching documentaries, cooking, and exploring new places.

Sophie Bishop

Sophie Bishop: Community Resilience Intern


Major(s): Environmental Science and a minor in Biology

Sustainability is important to me because I want the next generations to be able to see the beauty that the Earth has to offer and be able to partake in the gifts that are given to us. I am passionate about conserving our forests and national/state parks.

Interests: I enjoy reading, camping, hiking, playing video games, laughing, swimming, listening to music, and just being outside in general.

Matt Ebaugh: Morris Model: Translation

Major(s): German, Global Business Management, and Economics

Sustainability is the idea that we should live in a way that meets the needs of the present without compromising the future. We should develop strategies that provide for our current standard of living without jeopardizing the standard of living in the future. It is important to me because I feel that we need to restructure our thinking in a way that shifts the focus back on creating a better world today for the future generations of tomorrow. It is important to me because I feel humanities greatest asset, our earth, is threatened and in need of protecting.

Interests: I enjoy naps with my lazy cat and hiking in State parks. I am politically active particularly at the local level. I am the president of the UMM German Club and enjoy the many multicultural events at UMM.

Jan Broemmelhaus

Jan Broemmelhaus: International Intern

Major(s): Industrial Engineering and Environmental Engineering

Sustainability means a lot to me. In my opinion we have to live sustainable to protect our planet with all the beautiful places for future generations.

Interests: All kind of sports, traveling, reading

Hannah Johnson

Hannah Johnson: Morris Model Community Resilience Intern

Major(s): Environmental Studies and Native American Indigenous Studies, 2020

To me, sustainability is not only a goal, but a way of looking at the world that challenges existing structures. It’s about asking, “Is this working? Will this work in 10, 20, 50 years?” To live and work sustainably is to think critically about the systems in place, and to collaborate with people within the system to enact positive and lasting change.
Sustainability is important to me because I care about the natural world and sustaining it for future generations.

Interests: I love canoeing in the Boundary Waters.  I am passionate about tea and coffee drinks, gourds, and love my tuxedo cats!!

Lily Heyd

Lily Heyd: Communications Intern

Major(s) B.A. Biology with an environmental focus, 2020

I've always seen sustainability as a very important world issue, as it affects every aspect of life, from food security and the air we breathe to how we connect with each other. I believe sustainability is communities of people, working from the ground up to better the environment around them, as well as bettering the lives of others. To me, the most important sustainability aspect is that of working together, because nobody can get anything done by themselves.

Interests: I spend my time caring for my large collection of indoor plants, playing Stardew Valley, and drawing from nature. If I’m not doing that, then I am probably eating or drinking coffee!

Cassidy Elhard

Cassidy Elhard: Morris Model Intern

Major(s): Environmental Science and German Studies, 2021

Sustainability is important to me because I believe that it is essential for us, as advanced beings on this planet,  to find a way of existing in our ecosystem in a manner that is conscientious to the responsibility of preservation for not only future generations of humans but also other forms of life. Additionally, I believe we have the responsibility of holding high moral values in regards to how we take care of our environment and the other beings in it, and I believe that the sustainability movement can eventually establish the endeavorment to do so as status quo.

Interests: I am interested in traveling, learning about other cultures, and taking care of animals.

Mckenzie Dice

Mckenzie Dice: Morris Model International Partnership Intern

Major(s): Environmental Science, German, Chemistry minor, 2019

One of the main reasons I am at Morris is because of the passion for sustainability that many of the students and faculty share. It is amazing to be a part of a community that cares so deeply for their environment and wants to see change in the world that will ensure a sustainable future. There are many aspects to sustainability that I believe everyone can become involved in, whether it be education, research, or communication, and it is important to realize that building a sustainable world is a team effort. I am passionate about sustainability because I believe in keeping our earth beautiful for future generations.

Interests: Reading, knitting, traveling, my cats and my rabbits, being in the mountains.

Sydney Bauer

Sydney Bauer: Energy Intern

Major(s): Biology, Environmental Leadership and Stewardship, 2019

Sustainability is a very big umbrella term that includes many types of societal, economic, and personal efforts in order to better the planet. I believe that all students could actively engage in this work, by doing things such as learning more about where your waste goes, understanding policy surrounding microgrids, or running community-wide climate education programs. It is important to me that folks engage in these issues because all of them highlight the importance for worldwide change via community action.

Interests: I spend my time driving the Morris Transit, finding and eating snacks, as well as shopping at the local Someplace Safe Thrift Store.


Dennis Dongmin Kim

Dennis Dongmin Kim: Energy Data Analyst Intern

Major(s): Statistics, Applied Ecology, Biology and Mathematics minor, 2019

Sustainability is important to me because our future depends on it. Simple as that. Sustainability = Environment + Economy + Society

Interests: Ecology

Jules Burke

Jules Burke: Energy Intern

Major(s): Native American and Indigenous Studies, Environmental Studies, 2021

Sustainability is the simultaneity of strong community and independence. 

Interests: Sound, music production, theme parks

Becca Gomez

Becca Gomez: Morris Model Community Resilience Intern

Major(s): Biology and Environmental Science, 2020

Sustainability is important to me because we must find a way to live that impacts the future positively. The earth is not ours to just take from, but to cultivate and improve.

Interests: I am a co-chair for CAC Homecoming and Traditions committee as well as the Training Coordinator at Higbies, but in my free time I enjoy hiking, photography, experimenting with new food recipes, and attempting to teach my Betta Fish some tricks.

Abbey Dickhudt

Abbey Dickhudt: Climate Education Intern

Major(s): Environmental Studies and Human Services, 2019

Sustainability involves looking at the past, present, and future to see what work is necessary to move our communities into healthy futures that include clean air, protected waterways, healthy energy, place-based food systems, resiliency and other needs based upon where a community is. It means responding to the space and passing it onto those that come after you.

Interests: I am interested in sustainable agriculture, working with the next generation of youth, and taking time to move, garden, read, and create.


Khondoker Prio (Ahnaf)

Khondoker Prio (Ahnaf): Software Systems Engineering Intern

Major(s): Computer Science, 2019

I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Seventeen million of Bangladesh’s 29 million households lack access to grid power, according to national statistics, relying on fossil fuels and traditional biomass for lighting and power. Sustainability to me is the solution that will lead to a better future for my people. I am passionate about the development processes of energy monitoring and prediction systems. I truly believe technology can do a lot to solve the energy crisis and to create a sustainable future.

Interests: I enjoy playing guitar surrounded by my friends near a campfire. I play soccer and occasionally cook spicy chicken curry that is not nearly as good as my mom's. When I’m not turning coffee into code, I’m usually with my friends at the local Couch House!

Alex Keller

Alex Keller: Morris Model Intern

Major(s): Chemistry, Mathematics minor, 2019

Sustainability is a lifestyle choice that involves the collaboration of individuals to maintain and thrive in our own environment. It encompasses the idea that we must adapt and strive for environmental and social changes to improve the overall quality of the planet and quality of life of future generations.

Interests: Playing soccer and being active in general, board and card games, traveling, relaxing and hanging out with friends.

Josie Rehbein

Josie Rehbein: Zero Waste Intern

Major(s): Environmental Science, Biology, English minor, 2022

I think sustainability is a prerequisite to a successful future. It is important that society recognizes the importance of sustainability for it can lead to a more comfortable economical, societal, and environmental future.

Interests: I like hanging out with my cats, baking, traveling, and reading.

Erin Wilaby

Erin Wilaby: Research Intern

Major: Environmental Science, 2019

They / Them

To me, sustainability means living in a way that could continue indefinitely and that anyone could do. So, living in a way that won’t use resources faster than they’re produced, and in a way that’s economically viable for everyone.

Interests: Outdoor activities, plant and insect identification, reading, cooking (especially with fresh produce)

Allison Johnson

Allison Johnson

Major(s): Environmental Studies, with Biology minor

Sustainable communities and the individuals within them are strong, resilient, and united. That’s why I love Morris, both the community and campus within it are focused on providing solutions to problems that exist today and those that will exist in the future. Sustainability isn’t just an end goal but a way of living life, and ultimately building strong communities to equip the next generation with tools and resources to achieve even more great things.

Interests: I love canoeing in the Boundary Waters. I am passionate about tea and coffee drinks, gourds, and love my tuxedo cats!!

Maddie Happ

Maddie Happ

Major(s): political science, pre-law

Sustainability to me is meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations. Sustainability encompasses all areas of society and is vital to the success of not only people, but also our planet as a whole.

Interests: Traveling, hiking, reading, superhero movies, and all things Star Wars.

Sam Rosemark

Sam Rosemark

Major(s): political science, economics, with environmental leadership and stewardship minor

To me, sustainability is something everyone should altruistically strive for in everyday life in order to preserve one’s self and one’s society for tomorrow’s self and future generations. To do this, individuals and our society must sustain themselves economically, socially, and environmentally.

Interests: Student government, public policy, politics, dogs, movies, cooking, and hanging out with people.

Jasmine Pryor

Jasmine Pryor

Major(s): environmental science, with environmental leadership & stewardship and African & Black studies minors, 2021

Sustainability to me is the impact of our environmental, social, and economic endeavors. It is the process of thinking about our future and taking action to ensure that our planet and its inhabitants have a chance to not only survive but thrive.

Interests: I enjoy kayaking/canoeing, running, and learning.

Kallan Sandahl

Kallan Sandahl

Major: environmental science

Sustainability, to me, is the acknowledgment that our planet’s resources are finite, and a way of life that reflects this knowledge. It’s working to preserve our resources for future generations, and implementing practices that cut down on the use of nonrenewable resources.

Interests: Traveling, Kayaking, Canoeing, Hiking, Bird Watching, Crochet.

Ben Giese

Major: chemistry, with history minor

Sustainability, to me, is first learning how to live your life in such a way that it does not negatively affect the world around you. Then, educating others on how they can live their lives in a way that doesn’t affect the world around them.

Interests: jazz, science, pool, cooking

Stewart Symons

Major: computer science

To me, sustainability is extremely significant; it’s a concept everyone should take part in, considering the alternative is unchecked climate change, which will probably make our generation’s lives miserable later if nothing is done now.

Interests: biking, technology, gainz, hockey, hanging with my friends

Teresa Boyd

Teresa Boyd

Majors: psychology, anthropology, environmental studies, with German studies minor

Sustainability is not only changing our actions to help preserve the world we live in, but it is educating the people we know to do the same, and reaching out to fight for change if necessary.

Interests: euphonium, drawing, any kind of orange cheese-flavored snack

Quinton Dornisch

Majors: statistics, environmental studies

I view sustainability as a mindset that considers not only how society can optimize our everyday practices such that they are in harmony with the world around us, but also understands how our practices today influence the state of the world seven generations from now. In addition to merely understanding our actions, their impacts, and how to balance them, I believe sustainability calls on us to not only acknowledge, but respect the fact that we are part of a greater ecological community besides our own society. 

Interests: I’m interested in anything outdoors or any means of adventure, really: hiking, biking, wildlife watching, hunting and fishing. Also Aikido.

Lily Heyd

Lily Heyd

Major: biology

To me, sustainability is the act of working with nature instead of using nature to satisfy our needs. I believe that we as human beings need to become part of the natural system, instead of living outside of it. By digging up fossil fuels and paving prairies, we are disrupting the water cycle, the carbon cycle, and even the life cycles of many plants and animals. I hope that one day we can work in conjunction with these cycles in order to maintain a balance between our needs and our Earth’s needs. However, before we begin to work on such a large project, I’ve learned that we need to work in conjunction with each other, because sustainability is also about the relationships between people. 

Interests: painting, playing with my cats (Pumpkin and Crusty Jack), and gardening.

Grace Miller

Grace Miller

Major: environmental studies, with studio art minor

My personal understanding of sustainability is the consideration of future life in making present day decisions. It is being considerate of life outside our own and operating from a place of understanding and equality. I believe we must extend a sustainability mindset to all aspects of our life. It involves our resource allocation, land use, food choices, clothing etc. Being sustainable is being intentional with how we live our lives and cultivating awareness of how that affects other life both presently and in the future.

Interests: gardening, drawing, painting, traveling, camping and hula-hooping!

Kerri Mueller

Kerri Mueller

Major: environmental science, with minors in statistics and biology

Sustainability is a way of living consciously in our daily interactions with the environment because our decisions and actions impact the world around us in ways we may not realize immediately. It is a mindful practice that fosters community and a respect for natural systems. 

Interests: I often find myself spending my time outdoors whether it is through hiking, biking, hunting, or traveling. I also dabble in ceramic art. I enjoy doing all of these with the company of friends or family.

Andrew Brichacek

Andrew Brichacek

Majors: financial & organizational management, economics

In my life, I view sustainability as ensuring our practices and lifestyles do no harm and that we leave the world in the best possible condition for future generations. This extends beyond just environmental issues to living sustainable lifestyles and sustainably managing all the resources that we use and consume. Sustainability is an important aspect throughout every part of life, and it is important to ensure that everything we do is a sustainable practice that can carry us safely into the future.

Interests: traveling, being outdoors, gardening, and building relationships and friendships with the people around me and throughout the community I am in.