The Student Success Center offers free one-on-one tutoring and weekly study groups for many 1000- and 2000-level courses, as well as some 3000-level courses. Our study groups take place on the main floor of Briggs Library, while our one-on-one tutoring takes place either on the main floor of the library or over Zoom.

As a student in either of these tutoring options, you have a chance to share study strategies, predict exam questions, ask questions, and review lectures under the guidance of an experienced peer. You’ve got this; we can help!

Penji App for tutor scheduling

How to Schedule Tutoring

Tutoring support is only a click or tap away using our peer support scheduling app, Penji! Create your Penji profile and schedule your tutoring using your Morris email and password on the Penji website at web.penjiapp.com or through the Penji app on a mobile phone.

Tips for Making the Most out of Tutoring Sessions

  • Tutoring is a great place to learn while meeting your peers! Take a minute to introduce yourself to your tutor via the chat in the Penji app and let them know your goals for the session.
  • Tutors are trained to act as facilitators – they are not professors and they are not second lecturers. They’ll ask you thought-provoking questions, guide you through concepts, share study strategies, and cheer you on.
  • Come to your session prepared. Plan to bring your course syllabus, text, notes, and any additional material that will help focus the tutor session. Preparing questions ahead of time will make the tutoring session more productive and focused.
  • Our tutors are students, too, and they often lead busy lives. Please send them a chat at least 24 hours in advance if you’re not able to attend the session.


"My tutor asked us upfront what areas of material we were more uncomfortable with, and made plans for future sessions based on our response. He was incredibly friendly and eager to help us in the areas that we most needed help, and was always willing to modify his plan based on what we needed."

"My tutor was always open to questions, I never felt bad for not knowing something. She always had stuff for us to do, and was just a wonderful person."

"My tutor was very welcoming and very open with students and very easily made it a judgmental free zone for us to learn. She did this by being patient, communicable, and open."

"Even though we didn’t have this group all semester even just the few sessions we did have the second half of the semester made my second semester of this class so much better and I finally got a grasp on things."