Academic Alert

The University of Minnesota Morris is committed to the academic success of all students. UMN Morris uses an early alert model to identify students who may be experiencing difficulty in the classroom or beyond. Concerns submitted by instructors or other UMN Morris staff help students become aware of areas needing improvement, give advisers the necessary information to connect students to appropriate resources and opportunities, and identify students who may benefit from extra support across courses.

Types of Concerns

Concerns can be submitted for a wide variety of reasons. Submitting concerns at the first sign of difficulty gives students the best chance for improvement. Some common reasons for submitting concerns include:

  • Student has several absences, irregular attendance, or has stopped attending class
  • Assignments, papers, or other work have not been turned in completed
  • Student has received poor grades on assignments, papers, or exams
  • Student is experiencing difficulty outside of the classroom
  • Student staff have missed work or expressed other concerns

Faculty Concerns (for students taking your course)

If you are teaching a course in the current semester, you will submit most of your concerns through APLUS. To submit a concern, log into APLUS select “Instructor View” in the top right corner drop down menu.

After you’ve submitted your concern, the student will receive an email outlining the general nature of the concern (example: Academic Performance: Attendance) and some suggestions for next steps. The student’s adviser also receives a notification of the concern.

Concerns of a personal nature do not generate automatic emails.

Additional instructions for submitting an APLUS concern 

Staff Concerns & Faculty Concerns (for students not taking your course)

If you are a staff person who works with students or a faculty member who interacts with students not currently enrolled in your course, you can submit a concern. A Student Affairs or Academic Success staff person will follow-up on your concern.

Student Support & Campus Resources

There are many options for support at UMN Morris. Students who receive an alert are encouraged to:

  • Talk with your success coach, if you have one
  • Talk with your academic adviser
  • Use resources provided by the Office of Academic Success
  • PAL, Tutoring, Resource Center

Additional Campus Resources