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Morris Let’s Thrive is a holistic campus initiative infusing evidence-based mental health and wellbeing practices, skill building, information and resources into UMN Morris students’ curricular and co-curricular life. Just as the seasons cycle on the prairie where forbs bloom at different times in spring, summer, and fall, grasses evolve and mature, and plants are sustained through winter and find new life in spring, so, too, does our path to wellbeing. The old settles into the earth and finds its way back to new growth.

What seeds of good health will you plant this week? Let’s create a community that sustains and supports our wellbeing together. Learn. Heal. Grow. Morris Let’s Thrive.

You at UMN

 You at UMN provides students with a specialized and unique student portal to manage your health and wellbeing. 

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Facilitating & Practicing Wellbeing

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How to Cope with Racial Trauma and Battle Fatigue

Winter Wellbeing Tips

Create a Hygge Environment to embrace winter!

  • Hygge is the danish sensation of getting cozy
  • defined as "a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing.
  • pronoucned "hoo-guh"
  • cozy blankets, pillows, furniture, and soft rugs
  • lots of soft lighting
  • books, mugs, botanicals, and fresh herbs
  • warm drinks

Get Outdoors-Even in the Snow and Cold

  • Find a way to still enjoy th eoutdoors. Go snowshoeing, downhill or cross country skiing, a walk when the weather allows or even just a breath of fresh air.
    • There are free snowshoe rentals at the Regional Fitness Center and discounted rates at Andes Tower Hills about 35 minutes away for college students to downhill and cross country ski.
  • Plan for connection! It's easy to hunker down and avoid going out and engaging with friends, family, and peers when it's cold and snowy. Make plans to connect with others and hold yourself accountable to getting out and making connections.

Winter Wellbeing Tips Poster

Academic Growth
drawing of a coneflower

When we engage in the learning process and find purpose in what we are doing, it can help us connect learning to a larger picture. Engagement, ideas, and investment start here. Learning that happens in college will help you imagine your future: your personal life, career, community and more.

Imagine good ways to advance your academic growth at UMN Morris:

Community & Connection
Drawing of plant roots

Connection, belonging, and community are all important parts of personal wellbeing and a whole and satisfying college experience. Community exists at the roots that support personal and interpersonal, collaborative and intellectual growth while in college.

Think about ways to foster your sense of community at UMN Morris:

  • Find a student group or organization that would be a good fit for you.
  • Build a connection with youth, elders, and community organizations in the city of Morris by exploring community engagement opportunities.
  • Check in regularly with your orientation group or residential life floor?
  • Check out the on-campus jobs that would connect you with campus and maybe even a possible career.
  • Make more time for family and friends.
  • Cultivate relationships that make you feel good.
  • Attend trainings like the Red Flag Campaign that grow your skills as a community member supporting others.
Cultural Connections
Drawing of a flower

Learn more about your own and others’ history, cultures and lifeways through campus lectures and programs. Building relationships with and learning from people whose backgrounds are different from our own enriches our lives and supports better academic achievement as we encounter different ways of understanding the world and different ways of solving problems both large and small. Opportunities provided at UMN Morris to thrive in a diverse, close-knit community also lay the foundation for lifelong civic engagement and responsibility.

Are you ready to foster cultural connections?

Emotional Wellbeing
Drawing of a butterlfy on a flower

College can be an exciting time, and also a stressful one. New relationships, study habits, and “adulting” can bring up an array of new stressors . UMN Morris offers services and programs to help you manage stress, support your mental health, and foster emotional wellbeing as an integral part of college success.

To engage in positive emotional wellbeing at UMN Morris, you can:

Financial Security
Drawing of three flowers

College finances and finding the resources to live independently can be stressful. . Learn to understand finances, budgeting, money management skills, and the benefits of earning a four-year degree (financially and in life) are important college priorities.

Here are some resources and programs to support your financial security:

Healthy Lifestyle
Drawing of tall grass

It can take time, effort, and motivation to give proper attention to a healthy lifestyle. UMN Morris makes healthy choices easy choices for students on campus.

Make space for health in your schedule:

  • Take a walk outside or bike to the wind turbines and Pomme de Terre Park. Just 15 minutes being in nature can make a difference.
  • Take a Sports Science and Athletics course – Fitness for Life, Taekwondo, or Strength Training.
  • Develop an Regional Fitness Center routine, group fitness, swimming, walking, or lifting weights.
  • Using personal training sessions to jump start any or all of the above
  • Work with our dietitian to make a meal plan that fits for you
  • Explore other community options for health and fitness
Living Sustainably
drawing of a bee

Living sustainably can mean different things to different people. By attending to your own needs and practicing regular self-care, you maintain reserves that enable you to support others; by reducing your use of earth’s natural resources, you support UMN Morris’s commitment to sustainability and contribute to sustainable futures.

You can live sustainably: