Studying at UMN Morris

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Classes & Registration Information

During International Student Orientation new students will meet with an academic adviser who will help you with your academic plan and course selection for the fall semester. International students cannot register for classes before they arrive at Morris and meet with an adviser. In the meantime, visit the class list and review the courses that are offered at Morris.

Most students take between 12- and 16-credit hours during their first semester. All international students are required to maintain a full course load (12+ credit hours) to maintain their F-1 immigration status. All new international students whose major requires mathematics will take a math placement exam during International Student Orientation to help guide their course selection. International students will also take an English language placement test and will be given information about the appropriate ESL course(s) to take.

Health Insurance

In the United States (U.S.), healthcare is very expensive. Because international students are not eligible to use U.S. government or Minnesota public assistance programs, the University of Minnesota requires all international students to purchase the Student Health Benefit Plan (SHPB). Do not purchase other health insurance from your government or private insurance providers; otherwise you will be paying for two insurance policies.

Your payment for the SHBP and the Student Services Fee each semester will allow you to access Health Service on campus for most services at no cost and some services at a reduced cost.

Coverage under SHBP is guaranteed for incoming international students from the time they arrive at the University of Minnesota, Morris and begin orientation. The cost of pre-semester coverage is extra and added to the fall semester assessment amount. Coverage continues as long as the student meets the Health Service criteria for eligibility.

To learn more about the Student Health Benefit Plan, see the Office of Student Health Benefits. This website lists the benefits in your plan. Please note that dental services are not included in this plan. If you need to see a dentist, you will be responsible for the costs that are incurred.

Living On/Off Campus

Learn about Living on campus at UMN Morris

Living Off Campus

If you decide to move off campus, please read and print these guidelines for new tenants. These guidelines will help you as you navigate your new living situation.

If you are considering renting a house in Morris here is some general information that may help you in your decision making.

Most Morris rental housing is about $200–$300 per bedroom, per month.

For example, if a house has three bedrooms it will cost a total of $600–$900 per month.


In addition to the monthly rent payment, generally all renters are responsible for paying utility including heat, electricity, and water. This cost can vary depending on the size of the house and usage. The cost for these bills is usually divided by all the tenants in the house. Some landlords do include some or all of these costs in with the rent, make sure you know before signing a lease how utilities are to be paid.

More information on utilities


The following are furnishings that are usually provided in rental property:

  • washer
  • dryer
  • stove
  • fridge

(This can depend on the property and the landlords.)

Beds, couches, and tables are not normally provided.

You can get used furniture from the Morris Salvation Army Thrift store on East 7th Street.

Lawn Care and Snow Removal

In some rental agreements, part of the responsibility is lawn care. In the summer that means keeping the grass short and in the winter keeping the snow off of the sidewalks in front of your house. You can talk to your landlord about having these things done by them and paying a fee, or you can do it yourself. If you are not going to be here for the summer, you need to make arrangements with your landlord to have the grass cut, or the City of Morris may fine you.


Internet and cable are not provided, and can be obtained from a local service providers. 

More on Internet Service Providers

Estimated Off-campus Living Costs

  • Rent: $500–$1,000/month, depending on size of the house
  • Gas and electricity: $200–500/month, depending on usage and size of the house
  • Water/sewage/garbage disposal: $100-200/month, depending on usage of water

Optional Costs

  • Lawn care: $15–20 each time you have the lawn mowed
  • Snow removal: $10–20 each time the sidewalks are shoveled
  • Internet and cable: $35–100
  • Furniture
  • Pots/pans, etc.

Additional Resources

Local Internet and Cable Companies

Federated Telephone
508 Atlantic Ave

615 Atlantic Ave
320-589-4864 or 1-800-332-0245

Info-Link Wireless Inc
514 Atlantic Ave
PO Box 149
Morris, MN 56267

Minnesota Weather

Minnesota weather may surprise you. It ranges from very warm in the summer to very cold in the winter. The average snowfall is 41" (104 cm) per year. You will need to have a warm winter coat, snow boots, well lined gloves and a cap for the coldest months. It is recommended that you purchase these things once you arrive in Minnesota, since most clothing stores here will carry the kind of winter clothing you will need. Minnesotans do not let the snow or cold stop them, but rather they dress for it and enjoy a variety of winter activities. Typically, beginning in April temperatures become much milder. August temperatures in Minnesota often reach 80–90 degrees Fahrenheit, so you should have appropriate summer attire for your summertime here.

With appropriate clothing, it is easy to enjoy each season that Minnesota has to offer. For both fall and spring it is always a good idea to have a light jacket with you. The day usually starts and ends with cooler temperatures. Otherwise during the day you may only need to wear pants and a long-sleeve shirt. During the summer, students will usually be wearing shorts and T-shirts.

Month Avg. High °F (°C) Avg. Low °F (°C)
January 22 (-6) 4 (-16)
February 29 (-2) 12 (-11)
March 41 (5) 23 (-5)
April 57 (14) 36 (-2)
May 70 (21) 48 (9)
June 79 (26) 58 (14)
July 83 (28) 63 (17)
August 80 (27) 61 (17)
September 71 (22) 51 (11)
October 58 (14) 39 (4)
November 40 (4) 25 (-4)
December 26 (-3) 11 (-12)

Summer Storage

The University of Minnesota, Morris realizes that as international students some of the simplest issues for domestic students can be huge problems for international students. One of these issues is:

Where do I store my stuff when I check out of the residence halls for the summer?

The International Student Program has partnered with the Office of Residential Life to provide summer storage on campus. During the spring semester the Office of Residential Live (ORL) or your community adviser (CA) will provide students with information regarding our summer storage program.

Things to Consider Regarding Summer Storage

  • There will be certain times after final exams that students can access the space, watch your email for the announcement;
  • No loose items will be allowed in the space;
  • Students will be able to purchase approved storage bins from ORL;
  • Clearly label your bins with your name and phone number and email address;
  • You must sign a release form before dropping off any of your items;
  • You will not have access to your items during the summer. At the beginning of fall semester there will be announced times when students can pick up their items.