English Language Learners

Courses for English Language Learners (ELL) are available to non-native speakers of English who are currently admitted to the University, will be admitted to the University in the future, or would like to improve their academic English skills for university-level work. The courses focus on academic English and are intended to support students with the language skills needed to be successful in an American classroom.

The following courses are offered both during Fall and Spring semesters each year:

LANG 1061 Writing in the American University
This is an advanced level writing course focusing on development of paragraphs, exploration of the writing process, and experience with various rhetorical styles of essays in preparation for the demands of classroom writing.
LANG 1062 Reading in the American University
This course focuses on developing and reinforcing essential reading skills including vocabulary strategies/word studies; identifying elements of the text to support comprehension; critical thinking and analysis; and more micro-skills such as predicting, skimming, scanning and inferring.
LANG 1063 Academic Culture and Oral Skills in the American University
This oral skills and American academic culture course is designed to assist international students with the transition from the social/educational systems in their own cultures to the social/educational systems in the United States. Primary focus on oral skills; coursework focuses on class participation, discussion, note-taking, and critical thinking.
ENGL 1601 Writing in the Liberal Arts, special sections for non-native speakers of English
UMM offers special sections of the required writing course ENGL 1601 for non-native speakers. The special sections are equivalent to other sections, with the same curricular goals, but offer the support of a teacher who is especially trained to work with the unique language needs of non-native speakers.


A special intensive language and culture program is offered each summer. The Summer Transition for English Language and Liberal Arts Readiness (STELLAR) is a 3-credit course offered mid-July to mid-August each summer that offers students exposure to various disciplines they will encounter during a liberal arts education, interaction with American culture, and support for their English language academic skills. The program includes weekend excursions into “Minnesota and its culture.”

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