Stevens County Food Assessment

The Stevens County Food Assessment was a year-long effort to evaluate food systems and food security in Stevens County, MN.  Data was collected by surveys of residents, a grocery store market basket survey, literature review, and in-person communication and other means (e.g., about local food production and retail outlets).  Many Stevens County residents (more than one in five survey respondents) are experiencing food insecurity, not much of the food consumed in Stevens County is grown or processed in the county, the number of grocery stores has decreased in recent decades, and many Stevens County residents experience significant barriers (e.g., distance and transportation, economic, only seasonal availability of fresh garden produce) to food access.  General recommendations to be explored with community stakeholders include: make food or groceries more accessible and affordable, overcome transportation or distance barriers (transport people or transport food), increase availability of appropriate foods for specific cultural or dietary needs, and create more opportunities for growing produce locally at a variety of scales.

  • Faculty Lead: Ed Brands
  • AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteers: Danny Kenyon, Torin Klebba
  • Students: Allison Koos, Lily Sugimura

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