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Advisory Council

Advisory Board

Shane Monson
Interim Superintendent, Morris Area Schools 
Fun Fact: I own a Harley Davidson that I enjoy riding.


Blaine Hill
City Manager
Fun fact:  I do CrossFit


Anne Dybsetter
Executive Director, Southwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership
Fun fact: My family (immediate and extended) includes 9 exchange students, who were hosted starting in 1998.


Robert Harris
Executive Director
Fun Fact: I rode on the equestrian team in college and I'm an amateur dog trainer



Dawn Hegland
Executive Director
Fun Fact:  I live on a farm in Lac qui Parle County where we have turned our barn’s second story into a recreation center where we have hosted concerts, parties, and lots of informal gatherings. 




Jill Amundson
Innovation Strategist
Fun Fact:  I am an award-winning washcloth knitter.  In the early 2000s, I brought home a cash prize and a third-place ribbon from the Grant County fair, having entered a competition of three.



Kerry Michael, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Fun Fact:  I am a huge space nerd.  I went to Space Camp as a kid, and then went back to work there as a Space Academy Counselor in college.



Denise Odello
Associate Professor of Music
Fun Fact:  I don’t like lemon bars, but I love making them for other people!





Miriam Gieske
Assistant Prof. of Biology
Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is that I worked as a wildland firefighter in northern MN one spring after college.