Center for Small Town Projects

Summer 2022 Projects

100 Rural Women

Description of Project: 100 Rural Women embarked on a Minnesota-wide learning tour called 100 in 100, connecting women across the state in 100 convenings to strengthen existing rural women’s networks, and identify models, methods, initiatives, gaps and opportunities in women’s leadership, while seeking and amplifying underrepresented voices. In addition, the organization kicked off a new initiative to conduct research to build a mentorship network of 100 Rural Elected Women to mentor 100 new Rural Women to pursue public service. In this phase of the project, Lindsey will work with a dynamic team to document what we have learned in meetings and continue building our network. She will also assist with the ongoing delivery of programming identified in the 100 meetings. 100 Rural Women’s goal is to conduct authentic engagement and ignite action in community leadership, civic engagement and rural entrepreneurship.

Center for Community Vitality-UMN Extension

Description of Project: Lindsey will assist with data entry and analysis for a range of projects on which the Center for Community Vitality is working.

  • Student Intern: Lindsey Roemeling
  • Status: Ongoing since 2018

Center for Small Towns Communications

Description of Project: The Center for Small Towns has undergone many changes over the last two years. The Communications Intern will work on updating the Center’s website and other core documents and creating a communications strategy to better connect with current and prospective stakeholders.

  • Student Intern: Lydia Hurst
  • Status: New position

Editors and Publishers-MN Newspaper Association

Interns will complete a research project documenting which of the nine dimensions of a healthy community are in small town papers participating in a cohort program to learn more about community leadership.

  • Student Interns: Katie Buschmann, Sarah Curtiss, Tasha Douville, Elena Lam, Matthew Pierce, Alumnus/short-Term Staff: Erik Kjer
  • Additional Partners: Blandin Foundation
  • Status: Ongoing each summer since 2009, with interruptions due to COVID-19 in 2020-2021.

Minnesota Musical Map

Description of Project: Denise continues to develop the Minnesota Musical Map of community ensembles in Minnesota. The map is part of a larger project that will ultimately be used to connect Minnesota music makers and provide additional support for ensembles.

  • Faculty Lead: Denise Odello
  • Status: Ongoing since 2021

Morris Intercultural Education Initiative

Description of Project: Kiley will continue the ongoing work of MIEI, a shared program of the Center for Small Towns and the Office of Community Engagement. Specifically, she will work on a strategy to transition MIEI to a program that can serve communities beyond Morris; work on assessing the program’s impact in the 2021-2022 academic year; and prepare for Fall 2023. Status: Ongoing since 2012.

  • Student Intern: Kiley Rodamel
  • Additional Partners: Conexiones, Lazos, Morris Area School District

Pomme de Terre Foods

Description of Project: Sami will work on coordinating Pomme de Terre Foods during a critical transition and integrating volunteers back into the work of PDT.

  • Student Intern: Sami Clear
  • Status: New project

Someplace Safe

Description of Project: The research team is engaged in analyzing data from an ongoing research project about equity for survivors of intimate violence in the court system.The study will inform Someplace Safe’s next steps in providing victim advocacy.

  • Faculty Advisors: Jon Anderson and Kerry Michael
  • Student Intern: Sarah Best
  • Status: Ongoing since 2019

Stevens County Food Security

Description of Project: The research team is compiling a report of a year-long community needs and assets assessment related to food security in Stevens County. The report will include next steps for action and further research.

  • Faculty Advisor: Ed Brands
  • Americorps VISTAs: Danny Kenyon, Torin Klebba
  • Status: Ongoing since 2021

Story Builder

Description of Project: Kristin Lamberty and student assistants continue to build a software to provide teachers and parents with a tool to build children’s literacy skills in a creative way.

  • Faculty Lead: Kristin Lamberty
  • Status: Ongoing since 2021

Uniting Cultures

Description of Project: This ongoing project seeks to collect stories and histories from residents in the multicultural community of St. James, MN. In this phase of the project, Kiley is transcribing Spanish language interviews as a critical step in the project’s overall goals.

  • Student Intern: Kiley Rodarmel
  • Status: Ongoing since 2021