Outstanding Support Staff

The University of Minnesota Morris recognizes the outstanding service of its employees. The Outstanding Support Staff award will be presented to one employee in each of the following groups:

  • Civil Service/LELS
  • AFSCME Clerical and Technical
  • Teamster represented employees

Each Outstanding Support Staff Award is $500.


Candidates for the Outstanding Support Staff Award should meet each of the criteria listed below.

Job performance and competence

The candidate should be an outstanding employee.  The supervisor will endorse the nomination.

Cooperative spirit and helping attitude

The candidate should exhibit a cooperative spirit and a helpful attitude.  The nomination will include examples of the candidate’s contributions to creating an open spirit of cooperation across unit lines.  The candidate may be described as approachable, receptive, friendly, welcoming, helpful, encouraging and/or communicative.

Innovative ideas

The candidate should contribute to the success of the unit and the people it serves by regularly offering helpful ideas to increase unit efficiency and/or effectiveness, for example.

Added dimension (including university service)

The candidate should contribute to the campus community, through participation on committees, University activities or volunteering on campus, for example.

Nomination Process


  • will address each criteria in 3-5 sentences - longer statements or attachments will not be considered.
  • will include examples of the employee’s outstanding work,
  • must be endorsed by the employee’s supervisor for full consideration.

Nominate Someone


Vice Chancellor for Finance and Facilities