Community Engagement Faculty/Staff Award

Each year, the Center for Community Partnerships, which includes the Center for Small Towns and the Office of Community Engagement, awards one student, one faculty/staff member, and one community partner with a community engagement award for engaging in meaningful campus-community partnerships. We recognize these award winners at a celebration at the end of the spring semester.


People whose primary roles on campus (50% or more of their job descriptions) are connected to community engagement are not eligible for this award.

The Community Engagement Faculty/Staff Award recognizes a member of the faculty, administration, or staff or for a group (e.g., advisory committee, task force, project team) that has significantly advanced their campus’ distinctive civic mission by forming strong partnerships, supporting others’ civic and community engagement, and working to institutionalize a culture and practice of engagement.

  • For faculty only: How is the faculty member’s research/creative activity, teaching, and service connected to the regional or other off-campus communities?
  • For staff: Describe how the staff member’s engagement with the regional community and/or other off-campus communities has enhanced community-campus connections and/or helped connect students, faculty, and staff with the community. In your description of the faculty or staff member’s work, please address the following criteria:
    • How has this individual "significantly advanced the campus’ distinctive civic mission by forming strong partnerships?"
    • How has this individual "significantly advanced the campus’ distinctive civic mission by supporting others’ civic engagement?"
    • How has this individual "work[ed] to institutionalize a culture and practice of engagement?"

Nomination Process

Self-nominations or nominations provided by at least one person who is familiar with the nominee’s community engagement are acceptable. One important criterion, however, is the impact of the nominee’s community engagement on the broader campus and regional communities. Therefore, nominees whose nominations are signed by multiple people in a variety of roles on campus and in the community or who receive multiple nominations will have a greater chance of receiving the award.

Nomination Requirements

  • The name(s) and contact information for the nominator(s)
  • The preferred name and contact information for the nominee
  • The award for which you are nominating the nominee (UMM student, UMM faculty/staff, or community partner)
  • A letter that addresses the criteria for that particular award (criteria are listed below). Be sure to include details about community organizations/members or campus organizations/members with which the nominee has been engaged, and to tell specific stories to demonstrate how the nominee meets the criteria.

Nominate Someone

Alternatively you can send your nomination letter as an attachment to or bring/send a hard copy to Cathy Solvie at the Clifford J. Benson Center for Community Partnerships located on the second floor of the Welcome Center. 


Center for Community Partnerships, including