Invest in Yourself 

Let’s be honest: financing study abroad may seem challenging. In addition to academic costs, you must factor in airfare, housing, and other travel expenses. Keep in mind that you are paying for an irreplaceable international experience that will not only foster academic growth, but also personal transformation, acquisition of critical life skills, independence, self-confidence, broadened perspectives and intercultural awareness. Studying abroad is a worthwhile investment in yourself, your education and your world citizenship.

The ACE office works hard to develop and recommend high quality and cost efficient programs for our students. Allow us to provide you information on how to afford this invaluable educational opportunity.

Financing Study Abroad 

Finances can and should be a major factor in selecting the right program. To help manage money matters, follow these steps when choosing a program:

  1. Review what you pay to attend to UMN Morris. The 2019–20 estimated cost of attendance for one semester at UMN Morris is $12,430. (FYI: For semester and year programs, you do not pay tuition to UMN Morris while abroad—you pay a study abroad program fee.)
  2. Make sure you review the fees attached to your study abroad program.
  3. When choosing a program, be sure to compare items that are included such as the study abroad program fee, round-trip travel, housing and meals, books and supplies, local transportation and travel documents
  4. See how financial aid can apply to your study abroad experience
  5. Apply for UMN Morris scholarships and additional scholarships
  6. Work and save to make this experience possible for you!
  7. Plan ahead!


There are a variety of scholarship options through UMN Morris and other providers. The study abroad office awards up to $20,000 annually. Morris and Distinguished Scholars can apply their stipend towards study abroad. The Institute of International Education has a searchable database featuring various scholarship, grant, and fellowship opportunities. We encourage you to start applying for scholarships early!

Financial Aid

Most financial aid can be applied towards study abroad. Consult with One Stop to see how financial aid can apply to your study abroad experience. They will be able to guide you with money matters and give you estimates and budget samples. Walk-in counseling is available to figure out when and how aid is disbursed, as well as scholarship opportunities and loan information.