Morris Academic Support Resources

Morris Academic Support Resources (M-ASR) contributes to the University’s retention and graduation rate goals by providing pathways for student success. M-ASR’s work is focused on the following areas:

Achieving student success

  • Supporting foundational aspects of degree progress, policy compliance, accreditation, financial aid, courses and classrooms, admissions, retention, graduation, advising, and clear policies and procedures

Strengthening campus community interactions

  • Supporting the Morris campus community by providing resources to meet the needs of our overall goal: student success & graduation

Enhancing systems and processes

  • Collaborating, overseeing, and implementing Universitywide technology systems related to academic records, enrollment, financial aid, student finance, and classroom scheduling for the Morris campus
  • Striving to connect students, staff, faculty, and parents/guests with technology resources for more accessible information and understanding

Morris Academic Support Resources (M-ASR) is dedicated to student success. It is comprised of the following units: 

Business Office

  • The Business Office is responsible for providing student financial assistance with payments, refunds, and financial holds. The Business Office is also the location of the Ucard and provides notary services for students, staff, and faculty.

Office of Financial Aid

  • The Office of Financial Aid is responsible for the administration of federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs. The department ensures equity and consistency to finance a high-quality education for students while supporting recruitment, retention, and graduation outcomes.

Office of the Registrar

  • The Office of the Registrar provides services in areas such as enrollment, registration, degree audit, degree completion, transcripts, transfer credit evaluation, faculty support, electronic course authorization system (ECAS), program and curriculum approval system (PCAS), course scheduling, classroom scheduling, student academic records, University and Morris policy and procedure compliance, state and federal law; and student data privacy and security.

One Stop Student Services

  • One Stop Student Services provides quality, professional service in support of students' academic careers and financial wellbeing. The One Stop provides students with access, information, and resources that support an optimal student experience in order to achieve students' educational goals. The One Stop staff are knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas including financial aid, billing, payment, student employment, registration, student records, veterans benefits, the American Indian Tuition Waiver, and financial wellness.