Get Involved

There are almost countless ways to get involved in sustainability at Morris to help our environment, our communities, and our planet.

But you can do even more than participate. Students at Morris are empowered and encouraged to lead. If you have an idea or see an opportunity for positive change, you can make it happen.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Become a Green Ambassador and give green tours to visitors and prospective students. Contact the Office of Sustainability to sign up.
  • Work in the student-run recycling center. Morris recycles several  tons of waste each year, generating revenue and keeping waste out of incinerators and landfills. The revenue helps pay student workers at the center.
  • Explore the academic options and sign up for a class or take a look at an environmental major.
  • Conduct a research project.
  • Tour one of our renewable energy facilities to learn more about how renewables work, or get some hands-on experience in the expanding renewable energy industry of biomass gasification.
  • Get funding for a project in sustainability through Morris Academic Partners or other University-sponsored grants.
  • Work with a professor doing research or develop your own project as part of a customized curriculum.
  • Participate in or create an innovative event like the upcycle Fashion Trashion show, the production of As You Like It that featured recycled costumes and props, or Sophie and the Adventures of Ice Island, a play with environmental themes for children.
  • Get out into the community and work on a project with one of our many local partners.