Academic Planning: English

The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in English

  1. Literary Studies (Engl 1509) is a foundational course for English majors, offering training and practice in literary analysis. English requires that students take this course before most 3000-level elective courses.
  2. English majors are required to take three literature survey courses that offer broad coverage of four periods: early American literature (Engl 1211), early British literature (Engl 1205), later American literature (Engl 1212), and later British literature (Engl 1206). These courses are taught independently of one another and can be taken in any order. The early periods are typically taught in the Fall term every year, and the later periods are taught in the Spring term every year. It is ideal for English majors to take these courses as early in their English career as possible, since they are prerequisites for upper-level courses.
  3. English majors have the opportunity to pursue a Creative Writing track as part of their major (the track is similar to the Creative Writing minor, which is designed for non-majors). Students who are interested in this option should get started with creative writing courses as soon as possible.
  4. The English major is flexible and pairs easily with other majors, making it ideal for students interested in double or even triple majors. English has particularly strong interdisciplinary ties with African and Black American Studies, Environmental Studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Medieval Studies, and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. Students in disciplines as wide-ranging as History, Biology, and Psychology double major in English. There is also a strong licensure program in English.
  5. English strongly recommends that students fulfill their Writing for the Liberal Arts General Education requirement as soon as possible, preferably in the fall of their first year.