Academic Planning: Communication, Media, and Rhetoric

The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in communication, media, and rhetoric

  1. In Communication, Media, and Rhetoric (CMR) you can explore the creating, sending, and understanding (and/or misunderstanding) of messages in various contexts--personal, interpersonal, social, group, workplace, public, and mediated settings.
  2. The first course for the major, CMR 1101, Introduction to Theories of Communication, Media, and Rhetoric, is offered every fall. CMR majors need to also complete CMR 1042, Public Speaking and Analysis as early as possible, followed later by CMR 3432, Research Methods.
  3. CMR has a variety of mid-level elective courses, addressing the range and diversity of the field of study. Students complete 24 credits of electives in CMR.
  4. The major ends with a two-course sequence CMR 4900 and CMR 4901, Seminar I & II, which should be taken in the senior year. The fall semester is devoted to generating an effective topic for study and working on professional and career development. During the spring semester students complete the senior project.
  5. Communication, Media, and Rhetoric (CMR) provides you with the intellectual, critical, and practical skills you need to compete in today's and tomorrow's job markets.