Academic Planning: Theatre Arts

The top 4 things to consider when planning a major in theatre arts

  1. Theatre Experience (TH1101) is the first course in the major and offered only in fall semester. Students planning a theatre major or minor should ideally take this course in their first semester. This course includes a 2 hour per week practicum (hours are available Monday-Thursday, 2-5p.m.) that gives students practical experience in various aspects of theatre production.
  2. Majors are required to participate in six productions, four of which must be faculty-directed.
  3. A portfolio of student work, including achievements in theatre production, is formally presented in the 3rd year and students are encouraged to attend regularly scheduled major meetings.
  4. All theatre majors are required to complete a capstone project in an area of interest such as acting, design, stage management, directing or dramaturgy.