Academic Planning: Physics

The top 5 things to consider when planing a major in physics

  1. It is important to take the right courses in the correct sequence. Students should speak to a physics faculty member in their first semester.
  2. Starting a physics major early is important. Most students will complete Calculus I by the fall semester of their first year and enroll in General Physics I and another math course in the spring semester of their first year.
  3. In the second year, General Physics II is usually taken in the fall and Modern Physics in the spring. Required math courses are typically taken during one or both semesters of the second year.
  4. Typically, students will have the prerequisites to take some physics electives starting in spring of the second year.
  5. Engage in research early and often. Opportunities are best found by talking to the physics faculty. Research opens doors for students to learn new skills, present at conferences, find areas of interest and strength, and build contacts.