Academic Planning: Music

The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in music

  1. If you start with a good musical foundation, it is easy for most students to complete a music major in four years. Many students also complete an additional major, or pursue a K-12 teaching license in music. If you are concerned with how this program might fit in with another major, please talk to a music faculty member. We're happy to help you work towards and achieve your goals!
  2. The first few semesters of the music major are sequential, with courses that need to be taken in a specific order. Once you have completed these foundational courses, there is much more flexibility and choice in how you complete your degree.
  3. The foundational courses that all students interested in music should start with are Foundations in Music Theory I (Mus 1151, 2 cr.), Foundations in Musicianship I (Mus 1153, 1 cr.), and Foundations in Music History I (Mus 1155, 2 cr.). These are only offered in the fall and are followed by further sequential courses in the spring. If you decide you would rather pursue a music minor after your first year, all of these foundational courses will count towards a music minor.
  4. Students considering music for a major or minor should enroll in Individual Performance Studies (Mus 1200-1223, 1 cr.), Music Performance Lab (Mus 1000, 0 cr.), and Functional Keyboard for Music Majors (Mus 1111, 1 cr.) their first semester. While seven semesters of Individual Performance Studies and Concert Attendance are usually required, some semesters may be waived depending on a student's performing proficiency and experience. A music faculty member can help assess your specific situation.
  5. Keyboard allows students to meet piano proficiency requirements; if you have piano experience, consult with a keyboard faculty member for appropriate placement.
  6. Ensembles are not required for a degree in music, but they can count towards a minor and are required for a K-12 teaching license in music, so students are strongly encouraged to participate. Auditions take place during orientation; please contact the ensemble director for information.