Academic Planning: History

The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in history

  1. Talk to a faculty member in the history discipline, even if your academic adviser is in another major, so you receive important messages from the History department.
  2. Take the world history (History 1111) requirement as soon as possible, preferably during your freshman or sophomore year. Most history courses don’t have prerequisites, so you should also take 2000- and 3000- level courses as early as your freshman year to get a sense of how college history is different from high school history.
  3. Consider National Student Exchange and study abroad options to expand the range of electives open to you. History faculty are happy to work with you to help you understand how to work these courses and other kinds of opportunities, including internships and research, into your major.
  4. Once you have taken a few 3000- level courses, register for History 3181, the required methods course that is offered fall semester each year.
  5. We plan the Senior Seminar (History 4501) offerings and sort students into them a year in advance. Watch for an important email about this sent during spring semester and be sure you are scheduled to complete the prerequisite of History 3181 in time to take History 4501.